Foldable/Inflatable Boats?

We have an inflatable kayak and inflatable paddleboard. The kayak seats aren't very comfortable. I'm looking at a BKC 2-seater sit-on plastic job w/ aluminum frame seats. It'll hold 770#, so that means a cooler will fit, and it's made for fishin'.


We have a Sea Eagle inflatable kayak and also a SUP. They work well and have had them for a couple of years. Sea Eagle will have sales from time to time and that is when we picked up ours for a decent price. I have also heard good things about Advanced Elements.


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We went with the Sea Eagle TC16.

incredible boat! This is my first experience with drop strip technology. The canoe is as stiff as a foam boogie board!
We took it out on the lake and it handled well and with both of us paddling it got up to speed quickly. The only downside is that with just 2 of us and a dog it still sits high in the water and can be a bit unstable if your not careful. We almost flipped a few times but eventually got the hang of it. I think if you loaded it up with camping gear it will settle down a bit. We also have the upgraded traditional seats and they sit kind of high so we’re going to try the inflatable seats with backs, they seam to sit lower so that should help also.

From carrying it out of the van to being fully inflated only took us 15mins. Deflating is even faster. You unscrew 3 valves and that’s it. The air comes out with some force. Afterwards you simply fold it in half down the center line and fold it up.



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The material is pretty thick so dog friendly for us with our Shortybull, she just sat in the front so no problems. I don’t know how it would work out with a larger dog that liked to jump around. It is an inflatable boat after all so you have to be mindful of your dogs nails etc.



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The entire thing folds up too a tight package that fits easily and out of the way inside the van. Perfect balance between capability, size and ease of use for what we need.

They say it’s rated for 900lbs total so that should be enough for some flat water camping once we get out west again.



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A portable boat is something i have struggled with for a long time and have overlanded with them all. First off, inflatable anything pretty much sucks performance wise and is less than ideal in a camp setting. My inflatble kayak with a frame still sucked to paddle long distances, bad tracking. My inflatable Takacat literally fell apart at the seams after one day on a cold mountain lake. They dont make PVC glue like they used to and it will fail somewhere in 3-5 years, if you don’t rip it open on a stick or rock first. Welded seams don't like to be stored folded. I currently rock an old Grumman square stern canoe which i can set up to paddle, trolling motor, or 9.8hp 2 stroke. Its strong as anything and can be banged around no problem but would probably be to heavy and awkward to get on the roof of a sprinter. The Grumman will go on one last trip to Picacho on the colorado river in a few months and then probably get sold for something easier for one person to lug around. Next boat will be a Porta Bote or an expedition paddle board like this... which is actually heavier than the canoe but is shorter and lower profile, not such a hit to mpg. 2F2FDEAD-E18B-4CCE-97F1-4DE107A07608.jpeg3D9A2F14-0E6C-4C9B-A175-AC288AC50F30.jpegBFCD8367-A944-466D-8428-B36F60B68A4A.jpegE505AB50-DF5B-45EB-AD62-E041C3FBB6E5.jpeg87D4D0EC-C507-4A87-8C41-D976B2FB9505.jpeg177FCFA0-CEB0-48C6-B612-ACEA5DB552AA.jpegDF1290CD-00A1-4B1B-A2EA-F77148AE867B.jpeg


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Nesting Dinghy? Something us sailors use. Its not something you will see land lubbers talk about. A nesting dinghy puts any inflatable to shame. I just bought a new Westmarine 310 inflatable floor to replace my 1985 Avon it we use it with our sailboat, but do take it camping to lakes. A nesting dinghy would make me officially a salty sailor but I haven’t earned that title yet😆


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If you can find one the intex mariner 4 has a pretty good following on FB. some good cheap easy mods. not fast but stows small and can put a small motor on it to get around. I found mine used for 60$.

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