FJ60 Diesel Campteq Camper Build


Got some camping in at Baker Lake with the kids. My dreams of the 3 of us using this as a ski rig may need some retuning, we need to figure out a system to all be able to get changed and exist in there! I ended up sleeping downstairs with them up which was plenty of room.
I think to help alleviate the crowding:

-eventually going to a 70/30 bed platform that raises with struts like the alu-cab Hercules to make it easier to transition vice the sliding panels.
-frontrunner roof rack set up. Full length tracks, front 1/3 will be a full rack, and then 2 load bars in the back. Could keep some alu-boxes on the roof with stuff I won't use as much.
-I NEED a rear ladder setup. I want one that can mount to and fold up with the rear clamshell. I have seen these on FJ cruisers and whatnot so I know it can be done!


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