Filling Cooler Walls with Spray Foam


You probably already know this but there are a couple of manufacturers that make a Yeti like cooler for half of what Yeti charges.

Like these:

Another thing I did to improve a basic cooler is to use some 1/2 closed cell foam mats and cut them to fit tightly inside along the walls and across the top.
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I've also read that a sheet of Reflectix cut to fit on the on the underside of the lid helps.

But yes, there are lots of other options out there besides Yeti. I believe that the Polar Cap coolers from Cabela's (and made in USA) have been beating Yeti in some tests. The bad thing about the Cabela's coolers (in my view) is the massive handle on each end...definitely not as sleek as a Yeti, but probably easier to tie down.


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I attempted to do this but I found my cheap cooler was already full of foam.
Was that because of all of the spilled beer 🍺?

In all seriousness, this hot summer we’ve been using a full, double wrap of that bubble reflective wrap around our cooler, just ugly duct taped to keep it’s form. Seems to have worked ok.


I have a few older Coleman coolers. The lids benefited from getting filled with spray foam. The bottoms are already filled but I guess most of you already figured that out. Most coolers have sidewalls that are too thin to really provide much insulation. My newest Coleman coolers have sidewalls twice as thick as the older ones and their performances shows it. I no longer bother with the rotomolded coolers (up here the Woods brand is well made).
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Another thing to keep in mind is that even Yeti requires the cooler be filled with about 50% ice to stay for more than a couple of days.

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