Extreme use Earthroamer


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If I wanted a house that moved, I'd live in San Francisco.

Sorry. I'm really tired and that's the best I can do.

goin camping

Entertaining thread.

Some guys here built their own. (That Air Force looking truck and the white one.) but not everyone can nor does everyone want to camp and explore in a Subaru.

And for those folks who cannot build their own. Companies have been formed to provide what those folks want.

I camp out of the jeep in the avatar. A Chevy AWD van I converted and a 1960 Airstream. I really like to camp and explore.

If I had yacht, private jet Bel Air mansion money. I'd have an Earthroamer. Looks damn comfy inside with enough non pavement ability to haul me all over the Mojave in comfort.

The beauty of it all is we all get to do what we want or can.

Alpina FG

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They are great vehicles and a great option for those able to write the check. However I never saw a single one in Alaska, the Yukon, or the Northwest Terriotories when I was up there in my 18,500 pound Fuso 4x4. I'm not sure the data agrees with you on them being "the only way to go"
Does your FUSO actually weigh 18,500 pounds ?

Recommended books for Overlanding

Alpina FG

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If there is a thread on the forum about your vehicle I'd love to be pointed to it. I'm closing in on completion of a comprehensive vehicle, built on a 2017 FG and wish I could have kept the weight lower than 13,500. I'm eager to hear how you successfully accomplished yours.