Expedition H3


"Like Nothing Else"
There was a big group of Indy/Indiana jeeps that hit Redbird that day I think.

The empty days there are grat. I love in January when we do our snow runs and there is no one else there.
I went to redbird once, i got lucky and it was dry, but redbird is wayyy too narrow for my liking, one small error and boom! there goes a window (happened to a buddy of mine)


"Like Nothing Else"
So its has been a long time since this was last updated, almost 5 years!
Anyway a lot has happened since then.

My 2008 H3 was totaled in a car accident about 2 years ago, my fault, everyone was fine.

Crunch! doesn't look too bad, however see the bend in the frame. It needed a new frame apparently ( that along was 5k from GM) coming to approximately 16k to fix, so i took the insurance money and ran. I took the Gobi rack and ladder off before that as well.

Then i picked up this guy, 2009 Alpha Adventure, which means it came from the factory with a 4:1 low range transfer case and front and rear lockers, only had 28k miles on it at the time of purchase.

Did a few things, color matched the grill and de-chromed it, added a winch bumper.

And then I had it solid axle swapped by CJ at Thorparts..

The short build list is:
-Dana 44 pass drop
-4.88 gears
-3 link with coils
-fox shocks all around
-3/4 ton axle shafts
- warn lockouts
-toyota steering box ported for ram assist
-ram assist
-Thorparts hubs to maintain ABS
-SOA in the rear.

I have new wheels and 37" pro comp extreme MT2 arriving soon to finish it out, and then ill be getting a tune to keep the speedo happy.

I haven't wheeled it yet, still breaking in the suspension, need to flex it out to make sure everything is still happy.


"Like Nothing Else"
Some random poser shots

New tires showed up the other day. Pro comp extreme MT2 37s

Currently waiting on wheels, which are back ordered 60-70 days. I had received shipment of 4 of them, however 3 of the 4 were damaged so I am sending them back and waiting for them to come back in stock.
I am going with these, Mamba M14.