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Sorry but the travel updates have been slim. House reno and travelling in the Cruiser have taken up a lot of time.
We went on a quick 4 day trip to north eastern Saskatchewan last weekend and here are some photos.
The Intercontinental Cruiser continues to put on the miles and perform as designed. We just passed 56,000 mile on the odometer and so far everything is great. We are still running our original set of Goodyear G275 tires as well. They are starting to look warn but no cupping or uneven wear so far. If we weren't doing any winter snow and ice travel I would have no problems running them another 10,000 miles.




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I saw pic #2 and was going to ask "What's for supper?" :p
Looks peaceful.
Miss you W and A!


mk216v, I was hoping fish but that didn't happen, LOL.
We may be making our way out your way later this fall. Would love to see the new shop and more.



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Great pictures.

The one of the two chairs in the meadow’s edge, waiting for you to sit in them and enjoy the peaceful view, is a mediative story in and of itself. Very nice composition there.

Thanks so much for sharing your adventures with us.


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You need moar canned corn then. :p
Awesome, looking forward to it! Free camping spot in the big parking lot!


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Boston Mangler thanks it’s always nice to hear. Hobietim are you towing an LJ? Where are you now?
Hi Ward,

We made it home to MO in early September. Yes towing our '05 LJR Sahara "CUB." Unfortunately she got the front end wiped off in October by a semi running a stop sign, no one hurt, but now we are finished with the offender's insurance company and going into restomod build for its V.4. We have used her for our go further vehicle, Tyeger will take us a good bit off road, CUB takes where we want to go further (probably further than we should). She's done two trips to AK, all over the US and one to Newfoundland, so we are interested in continuing to keep her alive as our safari enhancer...


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From what I’ve heard May-October is prime and stay as long as you can. That said, here’s a really good video explaining, from Alaskan overlanders’ perspective, 30 mistakes folks make when visiting their state.



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We are in the early stages of planning an AK trip. We feel your time of year is potentially the best time. Thoughts?
Ward, i've done the Canada/Alaska trip in both Aug and Sept

STRONGLY suggest the month of September, cool enough for no bugs, fall colors are changing, dark enough for aurora (i got it almost every night of my trip), crowds are mostly gone everywhere, etc.....

Lots of pics from my last trip on my IG: @campermccampface

I will be doing a very similar trip this year as well, around the same time, in the 5500