Different swingout carrier for ARB bumper


My rear bumper has been a fiasco since the start. I love the styling of the ARB bumper (not the newest style, the one that is just ARB rear bumper they've been selling for a few years) so I bought front and rear but I did not order the rear with a swingout. It was a decent deal for around $600 for just the bumper. I like the styling and it is flat and makes a great spot to sit things cooking off the back of the Jeep. About the time I took delivery of these bumpers I found out about the amazing AEV rear one with water storage. Bummer. It would've cost the same with swingout carrier as the ARB if I had added the swingout carrier.

Moving on, I'm looking at the ARB swingout carrier but the thing is almost another grand (TWICE the price of every other one) and doesn't even sit the tire in the center of the rear of Jeep. It's offset to the right. Minor complaint to some I'm sure. Stupid design decision in my opinion. Secondly, it's just not too impressive looking.

What I'm after is a swingout carrier that I can modify to work with the ARB bumper. The ARB has a removable plate to access frame for the swingout rack. I want to add a top tray (already have the Bestop plastic one but need to refab the craptastic frame) and some Rotopax fuel and water tanks so I really don't want to buy a tub mounted type. I need maximum strength back there.

Sorry for the long post. Has anyone mounted a different brand swingout on an ARB bumper? I'm thinking the port for the frame mount and sleeve could be enlarged easily and I would probably have to modify the latch mechanism. All that is doable. I'm just wondering if there are any that roughly fit out of the box. Before spending a grand on one I don't like I'm wondering if I should just build one from scratch.


How about selling the ARB and buying the aev?

If that's not an option or good idea, i can't imagine any swing carrier is going to work with the ARB. Those swing outs are always custom designed by each manufacturer. You will be best off doing it from scratch assuming you have the Fab skills.

There are some swing carrier that operate independent of the bumper, i suppose some of those could work.

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I have AEV rear bumper with teraflex hd hinged Carrier and Works amazing with 35 in tire, love the looks of aev bumpers

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How about selling the ARB and buying the aev?
I have thought of that but want to try to solve it as is first. The ARB is a pretty great bumper and I like the style.

I have AEV rear bumper with teraflex hd hinged Carrier and Works amazing with 35 in tire, love the looks of aev bumpers
Thanks, that's a tub mount carrier though, isn't it? I'm really hoping to go with the swingarm style for strength.
I have the ARB combo on my TJ, best I have ever seen as far as construction, strength/durability, fit and finish. Been on my Jeep for almost 4 years now, no rust and no finish issues. Most importantly, NO RATTLES!

Maybe look for a used ARB tirecarrier on eBay or see if any retailer has any open box offers on one that is collecting dust?

Other than that get some detailed images and swing by some local fab shops in your area see what they can do???

....if not, sell it and buy the AEV.

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