Dear Ore-Landers: Sleeping method debate


Just cuddle with the bear? Smells bad but very warm?

Seriously though, benefit to cot is the comfortable bed/seat that is easy to lay down in and get up out of.

If she is researching, there may be laptops and writing involved? Also nice to have a cot to spread stuff on off the ground.

Put any of the thick thermal sleeping pads on a cot and have the best of both worlds.


If you are taking a trailer and want to stay at both East and west side of GNP, be aware that the main road that cuts across the park has height and length restrictions. I know this because I stayed on the west side and then drove to the east side of the park for a few days last August. I had to go around the national park. Give yourself time if you are doing this. Thanks to a great design by the previous owner of my off-road trailer, I enjoyed the best of both worlds. I had an insulated exped mattress and was able to sit up off the floor inside the trailer. Think insulated mattress on top of a large bench. GNP was spectacular. I think I posted this picture once already but here it is again. Actually now that I think about it, the going-the-sun-road doesn’t open until ate June or early July.


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DAM - Down Air Mattress, best investment you will ever make for seriously cold tent camping or just super comfort.