Coyote(s) with mange....what to do?


A bullet would be a lot quicker and less painful than letting nature take its course. Personally I'd put out some meat to let them have one last good meal.


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Forgot about this post. Update: so far this fall and winter it appears Mother Nature has taken care of the several mangy coyotes we had. The current bunch seem to be healthy and well feed. Of course we still have a long winter to go and we’ll see how they look come this spring.

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Coyotes are territorial, when I was raising livestock I learned, kill them all, and a new pack just moved in.

But they can be behavior modified, shoot at them, kill one or two. They learn to stay away, and they keep other packs away....

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Cull em... around here coyotes are urban and lost all fear of humans, they are extremely brazen.. Ive got two resident yotes that each have bum legs and look terrible (used to be 3), being in city limits I can only wait for em to pass naturally.. they are over the normal age for wild coyotes, so hopefully thats soon because when they showed up all our gorgeous huge red foxes vanished, pets constantly get eaten and now the rabbits breed to numbers they end up starving come end of summer when the draught kicks in.
Shoot them... period...... don't touch and bury them deep with lime on them.