Convoy from Border Crossing


The Minority Racer
Wheeling fun and Bongo BBQ in Laredo, Texas

Stephen, Ross, and Enrique

Just wanted to let you know that we plan on taking you guys offroading at our local offroad trails, these are very unique probably the only one of its kind in the whole world with a tricky caliche terrain where you have to dodge pointy carrizo shrubs that will tear up most tires, and mezquite trees that will bash your rig...

So maybe we can head over the the Mexican office in Nuevo Laredo on Saturday early and get the vehicle permits and then BBQ and wheel on Sunday.

Here is what you will experience:

Bongo! Bongo! Bongo!

The Rover Shop

YoungRovers left Fort Lauderdale Thursday mid day and should be pulling into Loredo around 8-9 tonight (Sat). Thinking a Sunday crossing allows for a more pleasurable cruise into Guanajuato

We can be reached at 954-778-0346


New member
The group apparently intends a late morning Laredo departure, very long day’s drive, and an after dark Guanajuato arrival. Panam13 would prefer a first light departure, two day drive, and daylight Guanajuato arrival.