Colorado slide in camper build


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The panels butt together on top of the VHB tape. The tape secures them and seals them. At least that's the plan. I haven't tested a seam, but the tape makes such a secure bond after rolling that I can't imagine leakage.
You are brave. I can't wait to hear how that works out for you. Good luck.

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Man I can't believe how fast you've been rolling on this! Unreal progress.
I have faith in the VHB for a solid seal. It's identical to glazing tape and thats what I used for my windows and no leaks at all. Can't see you have any issues.
How did you make out the speed controllers on the actuators?


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Thank you all for your encouragement.
I haven't installed the speed controllers yet but certainly see the need. The front actuators are lifting most of the load and move considerably slower. I got PWM controllers from Amazon and bench tested them and they do work. I went for the ones with LED displays so I have a digital reference. Complicated to wire since you can't reverse the input polarity. To make a single switch control all four involves two relays for each actuator.


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Ignoring the manual is fine. I'm all for it. But I don't yet understand why slide in campers are vorboten.

Mid-size trucks have much smaller margin of error when it comes to payload. The frame in my F150 is also used in trucks rated to tow and haul thousands of pounds more than what mine is rated for and the axle is rated higher as well.... That's not the case for mid-sized trucks. There is no HD equivalent in the mid-sized truck realm in the US.