Ceramicspeed “Driven” chainless drive


Expedition Leader

Since cycling has a 150 year history, it’s rare to see a truly new idea. Here’s one: a chainless drive system that claims to be 99% efficient, compared to 95-97% efficiency for a bicycle chain drive.

Ceramicspeed is showing a concept that could replace the bicycle chain and derailleur system. It’s supposed to be similar in weight to a top end gear set and derailleur. For touring and bike packing, the chainless system could be enclosed, or at least shielded better than the chain driven system. And the gearing could be close, evenly spaced ratios, while having extended range. Interesting!


Interesting concept. New materials and execution, but there were shaft drive bicycles in the 1800s - granted they weren't made of carbon fiber or running multiple gears. I always like to see creative approaches but I doubt you'll see many long distance tourers or bike packers using it. A lot of those guys are still running thumb shifters and mechanical disk brakes because they think they're easier to field repair. It took years for any of them to use 29" tires because they worried about finding spares and replacements.

I wonder how well it works covered in mud?