Canadians... What's it really like?


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I don't agree that our gun laws are doing a good job. Laws never stopped criminal from doing crimes, ignoring the laws is pretty much a requirement for them to get a job. Just look at the news, police busts drug rings and shows all kind of confiscated firearms - prohibited AK, prohibited short pistols, restricted guns - you name it. Not to mention that criminal never bother to get a firearm license. I think we don't have mass shootings in Canada not because we have magazine restrictions and licensed gun owners people can't buy AK-47 in Canadian Tire. I think it has something to do with people, not with gun laws. Switzerland or Czech Republic for example has way more relaxed gun laws, but there's less violent crime than in Canada. Or if you even take US some states are safer than Canadian provinces and it's not states with stricter gun laws.

I understand that you're not interested in restricted firearms but I think you should understand that gun laws are not getting any better in Canada and if we don't stand for each other and allow government take away our guns one by one, we will end up in situation like in Australia or UK.
There is a lot of rhetoric being cast around here, but the above two points are actually quite valid.

Full disclosure, I do not own any “black guns” (unless a 10-22 blued/synthetic is a black gun). I do however own semi auto centerfire carbines. I have an M1 Carbine which was designed as a “weapon for war” and a Ruger .44 mag carbine which is not a “weapon for war”. (That, by the way, is the new catchphrase.) There is effectively no difference between these two rifles other than their original purpose and the mag fed/tube fed thing. Both are limited to 5 shot if you are a law abiding citizen. Their lack of black furniture makes them non-restricted. That is a prime example of stupidity. I was shopping for a Marlin 1894 in .44 mag when I happened upon the Ruger. You can have 10 rounds in the levergun. You may get the 5 off quicker out of the semi, but the lever will get 6 through 10 off quicker than you can reload the semi auto. Just saying. Magazine fed 12 gauge shotguns are legal here, and if you are using 00 buck, you are sending about 20 .30 cal projectiles downrange per shot. Talk about firepower!

The point is, we in Canada are allowing people who have very little practical experience with firearms make decisions on what is legal and what is not. You can no longer have a 25 round magazine for your 10/22, but you CAN have a 100 round drum for any other semi auto .22 (assuming you can find or build said drum mag). That is an example of ridiculous law. You can have pepper spray if it says “bear spray” on the package, but you can’t have the exact same thing if it doesn’t say “bear” anywhere on the label. Also ridiculous.

Now (as of 2018) you can own a folding knife with a thumb stud or cam action in both Canada and the USA, but it is illegal to bring one across the border. What? Was there a sudden increase in the number of border officers being stabbed with folding knives?? I live on an acreage and use a folding knife with a thumb stud daily. I also live 500 yards from the border and cross back and forth multiple times each week. If I forget to take my knife out of my pocket (I often do), I risk being detained for something that is legal in both countries. WTF??

A lot of scanny’s posts seem exaggerated, and while I hate listening to extremists from either side of the never ending gun debate, he is correct that we need to make sure we don’t let clueless politicians make rules that will eventually lead us to a place where nothing is legal. I am ok without full auto, and our current licensing and restricted/nonrestricted system. Would I like to be able to carry a handgun in the woods? Sure, but I also know that my 12 gauge is a far better option for bear defence. Honestly, the main reason I’d prefer to carry a handgun would be to avoid scaring any gentile folk (anti gun people) by having a visible 12 gauge or carbine. Oh, wait... those are the people who don’t want me to be able to carry...
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That is just my opinion. These assualt weapons were designed for one thing - killing people. Yes, they can be used for hunting or practice but their design was to cause as much damage as possible in a short amount of time. That is why I am against their uncontrolled sale to the public.
All weapons are designed for killing living things....that's why we refer to them as 'weapons.'

The fabricated distinction between so-called "assault weapons" and the other firearm types is insanely trivial and moronic. All modern firearms, to include semi-automatic handguns, pump-action shotguns, and even bolt-action rifles, have a military origin or pedigree of some sort. In fact, all 3 of those firearm types are still heavily used within modern militaries. The stocks may look different, the barrels may be a little thicker, but functionally-speaking they are the same as those weapons that are sold to and owned by civilian hunters and target shooters.

And, in the right situation (or wrong depending on how you look at it) any of those weapons can arguably be more deadly than the much maligned 'assault-type' type firearms.

To say that an AR-15 should be restricted or prohibited because it's a "military-style" weapon, while all other weapon types are okay because they're supposedly not, is just a horrible and ignorant argument....and yet, somehow that argument has served as the basis for very controversial and short-sighted firearm legislation.

I like it here that people at least got to go take a test and pass through screening before they get their PAL license.
On the handgun issue, I probably would not mind if people were allowed to take handguns in the deep country, but I am definitely against the ability to carry in cities. How do you control that? How can you control where it is allowed and where it is not? Hence my opinion against handguns.
That's the problem with most gun control measures (both proposed and real); the aim is to control peoples' behaviors. And yet, the only people who are "controlled" are law-abiding citizens. The criminals will still do what they want to do. Bomb control didn't stop someone from killing 22 and injuring 800 at a concert in Manchester, UK. Truck licensing and regulations didn't stop someone from plowing over 86 people in Nice, France.

I don't think firearm ownership should be allowed without some sort of criminal and mental screening. But the degree to which some countries and states within the US have restricted firearm ownership has only hindered personal freedoms while doing relatively little to prevent criminal attacks.

Not a Canadian, but as someone who lives in a US state that has similar restrictions (NY) I can empathize with the many law-abiding Canadian gun owners.

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The problem isn’t the law abiding people. However, making so goddamn easy for the ****************** to get weapons is not the answer. I am happy that you have o jump through hoops here to get stuff like that.


Just my thoughts on the subject, Lol. The comp was only a few weeks ago so the times and numbers of targets was still fresh in the mind ;) See the pic below. I do like the semi's also and have the AR's and ACR to play with and have had the Tavor etc. as well. Most are allowed in the back country for wilderness use but the AR-15 is restricted by name in Canada and is a range toy only. Bolt guns are non-restricted as long as the OAL is over 26" when folded or collapsed in its shortest position. I have a 14" bolt that is N/R too.

What range is that?


just had my smith and wesson 629-6 delivered last week.nasko,you should see's a freakin awesome .44 magnum hand cannon.


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What constitutes a BLACK RIFLE ? Which of these are restricted and why? I love playing this game with my non gun friends
I am a Canadian who enjoys firearms, and i am having a heck of a time with the photos... Pic one top rifle is an SU16 of some sort, probably the Canadian NR one.. mid rifle Im not sure, looks like AR derivative, but I am not an AR guy... could be a 22LR one i cant tell from pic.
Third is maybe a mossy 500 pump with side fold stock?

Pic two, no idea maybe a 12 guage semi? Mossberg pump again with a side rail, .22 LR semi auto rifle maybe the scar.22..... Robinson Arms XCR, and the last the SU16 again?

to the OP, holy crap our laws are all over the place. We can have short shotguns as long as they arent semi auto. Generally an 18.5" bbl rifle is NR, unless its an AR platform, or some random rifle or platform arbitrarily classified as restricted or prohib. This country is a bag of crap. Handguns are all restricted or arbitrarily prohibited.
About the only thing most people agree on here (including Fudds) is having a mandatory training class, background check, and license for getting a firearm.

It doesnt stop all the gang shootings or even some of the mass shootings with illegal handguns. Hell, last ************** in Toronto who went on a mass murder rampage had an illegally posessed handgun, and didnt have a license. later police busted his brothers last official residence and found enough carfentinal (spelling) to kill all of Toronto, and 30 stolen handguns brand new in packaging.
Mayor of Toronto things he can stop the violence by banning handguns and the sale of "handgun ammunition" in the city.


Top to bottom
SA15 Turkish built semi auto 12g Non RESTRICTED
Rem 870 12g Non RESTRICTED
GSG 15 .22LR Semi auto Non RESTRICTED
ALBERTA ARMS AR15 variant semi auto .223/ 5.56 RESTRICTED
Keltek SU16 TAC .223 semi auto Non RESTRICTED

The 2 bottom ones operate in a similar fashion but ones a range queen and the other came everywhere with me.
I agree our laws are a real mix of whats workable and whats out to lunch. GOVERNMENT officials have prohibited a rifle that isnt even being made. The fact we can have a 10 rd pistol mag but only a 5 rd rifle mag is ridiculous . Then toss in the Ruger 10/22 BX 25 mag is considered by the RCMP to being akin to a hand grenade or fully auto rifle and you can see they are a patchwork over a patchwork many times over.


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Aren't those Alberta Arms like $3000? I hear they are slick though. Once upon a time I read an article in Calibre magazine and recall them being impressive.
*Edit* I am thinking about Alberta Tactical Modern Hunter, which isn't an AR15 derivative but is as AR like as it can get away with.


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Interesting thread.

Firearm laws are more screwed up than I thought they were up there.


Aren't those Alberta Arms like $3000? I hear they are slick though. Once upon a time I read an article in Calibre magazine and recall them being impressive.
*Edit* I am thinking about Alberta Tactical Modern Hunter, which isn't an AR15 derivative but is as AR like as it can get away with.
I think your correct in the other. my ar is a few $ but not like what youre talking about 3650 +taxes.....eeeek