Can a stock LR4 handle Canyonlands & Moab?

I'm going to be driving a stock LR4 (on stock tires) from Arizona back to Michigan and was wondering if it would be capable enough to tackle the must-do American 4x4 trails.

I'm thinking about doing Canyonlands, Moab and Colorado on the way back.

I'd be doing the journey solo and have a moderate amount of midwest off-road experience, albeit in a heavily modded 4Runner, which is an entirely different beast.

I appreciate any insight the forum can provide.


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Yes, although Moab is a town and not a trail. Let us know what trails your thinking of running and we can give you more accurate advice. Canyonlands should be fine with the exception of Elephant Hill, it might be tricky in a stock truck as clearance might get you. Also if your not very experienced offroad you can get into trouble very fast on that trail. Pikes Peak is more or less a paved road now.

When are you coming through Moab? The Land Rover National Rally is Sept 17-20, lots of Rovers will be there then.

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There's a new Kia commercial where they take their new SUV into Moab and do some trails. If that thing can do Moab, then for sure an LR can.
Assuming you know how to operate the vehicle (proficient in driving, proficient in driving off road, knowledge of the 4WD systems and use of traction control), then yes.

My suggestion would be to get some funtreks books (, also on amazon if you prefer that flavor) to get some ideas of the trails. Pretty much any green trail does not require low range/TC and the blues are challenging enough to use the vehicle. Good place to start.

I'm taking my pretty-much stock LR3 out to Colorado soon enough. My only 4x4 mods are rock sliders and stock-sized AT tires.

How much time do you have? You'll spend so much time bouncing from one spot to another, that you'll only get to do one or two trails, at most. Moab, you need about a week there. Ouray, CO, about a week. I've heard ~3 days for the Breckenridge area. So its better to go to one place and make it happen vs. one trail per place.

I've heard Moab is quite touristy and has many amenities. Ouray on the other hand, you better have your reservations well in advance (camping or room) and a big enough cooler. You'll be re-supplying in Montrose or Durango. Otherwise you'll be stuck dealing with the small local grocery stores that have minimal items and close at 4:30pm...assuming they are open.


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Get something like this.
ARB makes one for more $$ but most are reasonable. Carry a good spare. An air compressor might be a useful item to have to ease your mind. I don't think the goop to fill your tires is a good idea as it might mess up the tire monitor system. I removed mine long ago when I got steel 18 inch rims from Atlantic British.

Not sure if the LR4 has the M/S on the shifter but I found it very useful for off road recently and the LR was much smoother on the rougher roads.
Your topic says "...and Pikes Peak" - just FYI, Pikes Peak is paved all the way to the top. Your wife's minivan can handle it. :D

As for Utah, LR has been running stock LR4's and now D5's on street tires over Poison Spider and Hell's Revenge as part of their Utah Experience Drive, so yeah, it will do fine, as long as you know what you're doing, as others have said.
Canyonlands requires a permit to do White Rim Road in its entirety. It's well worth it. Like others said, bring a spare, a plug kit, compressor... make sure you have LOTS OF GAS AND WATER. And tell someone you're going. It's a long loop.

In Moab, start with Fins N things. Then do Hells' Revenge. Then decide if you wanna do more. Most folks are happy as is.

The truck will do far more than you'd imagine.
I've been wondering this myself as I want to get an LR4 at some point (once job stuff gets situated) and wondered what i could do on stock tires. Do you have the 14+ with the v6sc or the previous with the v8? I have a hard time finding 14+ with the HD/low range package but they are out there..

As far as Caynonlands, their are some small tricky spots here and there on white rim road (murphys hogback which is a small climb) and I think past that their is a section where you may need to work a decent line but with good traction you should be ok! Otherwise, I did most of the trail in 2wd in my 4runner and even spots where 4wd may have been necessary, I put it in 2wd lo and locked the rear and all was good!
Thanks for all the replies! Fortunately, I have plenty of time to get the truck home and can spend 2-3 weeks out there if I feel like it. The only potential issue with that having to fly out with my camping/hiking gear and being somewhat limited with what I can bring.

The truck is a 2011 without the HD package.
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There was a SCV6 + HD in white over at Land Rover Gwinnett a few days ago. Gwinnett, GA. Give them a call. Fly down and get you a rust free truck that is fully kitted.
Yeah I've done the fly-in thing. Get giant duffel bags and bring your sleeping bag and pad. Assuming you are traveling solo, then just sleep in the back. Get a foam cooler or the cheapest coleman you can find, and go. You can pack camping pots and pans and basic utensils. When you land, cruise craigslist for a cheap propane two burner stove. Usually $35 bucks. Then you are good to go. Hit up the grocery, buy everything you need, and make it happen.