campsite pics..lets see um


What are the ports/plugs on the driver's side rear and above the wheel?
The truck used to be a fire chiefs truck. Small white thing at the rear on the bottom is a shore line, for the charger.

The oval black ring looking things just behind the wheel wells used to be the red and amber flashing lights for code 3 travel. I switched them out to switched white LEDs.



Family Adventurer
Quick first outing with the new Fuso PHX-FG to Rocky Mountain National Park. Once we get used to the rig, I hope to have considerably more outings not in camp grounds.


Fuso 2.jpg


Craig Lathem
Thanks Corey. If garage clearance wasn't an issue I would have gotten a Maggiolina, dig those. Like your gear reviews!! Good stuff.


Craig Lathem
Haha...witches hat :) Its just a part of my setup now. Sometimes when I shoot there is traffic around. People see the cone and think something official must be going on so they slow down. The cone came in real handy down at Pismo Beach with sand rails flying around all night.

SandRails by Craig Lathem, on Flickr