Big custom camper sightings


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Welp, there goes $1.7+mil...
Looks like build #5? Guess no one covets a Unicat instead anymore? :(

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Little harder to get a Unicat registered in the US though. Especially one of those MAN based ones.
Yes of course. Some customers have shipped their North American truck to Germany, got them outfitted at Unicat and then brought them back. Still cheaper than buying an Earth Roamer :)


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I can't imagine what the shipping cost would be.
The dollar's a dab stronger than the Euro now but not by much so work done in Germany would be a wash. Then there's the draconian taxes and surcharges.


We saw an EarthCruiser this weekend near Stanley Idaho. It was pulled into a campsite in one of the most overcrowded campgrounds in the entire area..... 🤷‍♂️