Awnings - Driver or Passenger side mounted?


i keep it on the passenger side so i don't bump my head on it, but i have gamiviti mounts, so i can easily swap it side to side

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I've always preferred passenger side, so activity stays away from the trail side if you have a limited pull off. This seems to be the convention for most.

Australian rental we had many years ago:

RH drive...


That's a good point about trail side. My experience is that we pull way off-trail if stopping long enough to deploy the awning.


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Passenger side for me. I initially put it on that side to have shade on the side of the road/trail. Additionally, when I built my sleeping platform, I set it up so that I sleep on the passenger side so I can have more head room (length) by moving the passenger seat forwards. This means I get in and out of my rig via the rear passenger side door and keep all my gear and cooler on the driver's side. When it's raining, it's really nice to have coverage over the door when I get in and out of my 4Runner. Helps keep the mud and dirt out.
Agreed, ideally I want to get far enough away from the trail so we're not eating dust or mud, or... I had a breakdown on I-90 outside of Missoula once where we were sandwiched between the shoulder and a guard rail with a river along side. The ARB awning was quick and handy to provide some cover for the Wife and Dog while affecting repairs. I'll never buy those plastic heater hose tees again, but that's another story....


Driver side for two reasons. Our swing out spare tire carrier swings to the passenger side. When we get to camp we park heading south, southwest, so we can deploy the rack mounted solar panel accordingly, which puts the awning firmly on the shaded side of the vehicle. BAC5800C-87AD-4FDB-9A05-7A8CE8814F5B.jpeg