ARB or Roam Adventure Awning


Getting ready to pull the trigger on a awning. Narrowed between Roam Adventure and ARB. I like the Roam 6.5x8 Awni g but like the ARB awning room. Anyone know if the ARB room will fit the Raom Adventure awning? Or have any experience with the Roam awning?
I have the ARB with Awning Room. It is handy and for what it is, fairly quick to setup. We use a large "dry" bag from Jacks Plastic that is open on both ends making it easy to pull the room into the bag for storage and then just roll up the ends. The only problem we have had with the ARB awning is twice bending the extension arms in heavy rain storms (4 years apart). The second time we were away from camp for the day, but had always angled the roof line to avoid pooling water after the first bent arm experience. The parts are relatively cheap and available but still a little frustrating. I don't know what Roam arm setup is like to compare, but either way I think if someone took the time they could easily add a reinforcement at that junction if you often encounter heavy rains or just keep a spare arm.