(Another) Hardbody Overland Build


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After finishing this I discovered that I still needed more storage space than what the boxes could provide. I decided to build a storage rack of sorts to fix this. Again dimensional lumber and plywood was used with a couple eye bolts and a piece of Aluminum Angle to finish up. With my additional camping items secured with a net to the rack I then slid it to the back wall of the bed and secured it using tie down straps. Using an old keyboard stand the rack also doubled as a table when I set up camp. I ended up needed more storage so I used an old milk crate, securing it with tie down straps again.


This setup has proven to be decent but not entirely perfect. After using it for a two seasons it has held up to the abuse of off roading and camping without breaking and generally has been easy enough to use. There is some room for improvement however.

First, I need a better way to store my fresh water. As good a solution as the storage rack was I have never been able to get the LCI 5 Gallon Water Cans I have to seal properly. No matter what they end up seeping, probably less than a half cup of water over a 24hr period, but still keeping them in sleeping area has proven to be an issue. Found myself retiring to a wet bed once or twice before I gave up and started storing them in the truck cab. This is only a short term fix and I would like to eventually move them to outside storage where they can leak in peace.

Second, I need positive ventilation in the sleeping area. Condensation hasn't really been an issue for a single occupant but overnight I found I was having trouble sleeping without white noise and some forced air flow. It's really just a personal issue but I plan to rectify it before this next season. I'm thinking of setting up a small array of 120mm fans and a house battery charged off truck alternator.

Third, I regret my selection of mattress but only when camping with the wife. For a single person, the proper twin mattress has been fantastic. It's easily the most comfortable bed I've ever had in nature. However it does not work for two people at all. When we were young the wife and I used to be able to sleep together on a twin if needed but 10 years on and it's no longer doable. Also, with two people in the back condensation became an issue as well hence further need for positive ventilation. For the next season I will likely leave the setup as is but eventually I will need to rethink my sleeping configuration to accommodate two people since I would like her to join me more often. I am thinking a more traditional sleeping platform across the full bed and a much thinner futon mattress on top. We will see.

That's it for now. More on the build later!

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Nice job in the carpeting. Looks pretty clean! I love these old truck - glad to see you keeping yours out there where it belongs!