Aggrocrag's 2011(Now 2014) Pro-4x


Meat Popsicle
Found this bad boy on craigslist yesterday, and snagged it up today!!!:wings:

Warn M8000- It's obviously not a brand new model, but it has never even been mounted, let alone used... I got it for $325, which I think is a steal!
photo 2.JPG
....Just need my bumper to come, so I can mount it up :coffee:


Meat Popsicle
The lift is on!

after.JPGA couple weeks back I ordered a lift from Nisstec, and UCA's from PreRunnerParts.
I went with the Radflo 2.0's with 650 lb springs. I am waiting on my Shrockworks front bumper, and the 650's are what Nisstec recomended for my application. I also ordered a set of Total Chaos Upper Control Arms from The reason I ordered through them instead of Nisstec was price. Nick at prerunnerparts got them to me for over $100 less than Nisstec, plus he included free shipping!!:Wow1:
Out back I went with the proven OME full medium duty leaf pack, with bilstein shocks.
Overall the lift went on very smoothly, and didn't really take all that long. The instructions from both Nisstec's website, and the ones included with the TC UCA's were spot on, and very easy to follow. My one complaint is with the rear leafs from Nisstec. On the Frontier, you cannot mount the leaf pack the way it comes shipped. You have to remove the OME center bolt, and replace/flip it with the ones that come in the kit. I didn't realize this until the leafs were already on the truck..... Not a big deal, but some heads up would have been nice.
Now, on to the pics!
Radflo 2.0 next to stock Pro-4x
Out with the old!
pile o parts.JPG
In with the New!! **notice that on the drivers side I removed the fender liner for easier access to the stearing shaft. (you have to disconnect it to get the UCA bolts in/out)**
drivers after.JPG
Rear Mesurement after
Stance- with 265/75R16 tires.
after 2.JPG
So far I have driven about 50 miles, and the ride feels good. It is much more stiff up front due to the 650# springs, but not harsh at all. I expect the bumper and winch to soften that up a bit anyway. With the new UCA's and SPC camber bolt kit, alignment went smoothly.
Now I just need to get some new tires.

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Meat Popsicle
Bumper is on!

Finally got a chance to install the shrock, M8000, and IPF lights this past weekend! :wings:
I will say, I've installed a few bumpers (Warn and ARB mostly) and I can say that the Shrockworks unit is better in every way. It is very well made, and from layout to production, it feels top notch. Even the packaging was impressive. Aside from the wait time (exactly 4 months) I'm very happy so far.


Sorry for the bad light, iPhone pics, and messy garage.... I'm busy :)