African Outback roof-rack time?

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Brian894x4 said:
For at least some of my trips, such as the upcoming one, where fuel will definately be an issue, I plan to store fuel on top of the rack, but I haven't decided how. I have four 10 liter Wedco cans right now and two Scepter 10 liter cans on the way. That's about 15 gallons and I think I'm going to store about 5 of those cans on this rack somehow, with 1 can living inside the cargo area, tucked next to the rear drawers.
Contact Christo, he USED to have nice fuel can holed that were made for that rack and fit perfect.

If he doesnt have them anymore, try these:


Brian894x4 said:
The rack's size was about 47x49, while Slee's site advertises 51x51. I'm sure this is just a honest error on the website, but I'm a little dissapointed in the smaller size. But its not significant.
Brian, I will update that site. The details on the site was from the sales info. I did not actually measure it. I will measure and update.

As for Jerry can holders. I have some more on order from South Africa. We are also working on a can holder for the metal and Scepter cans. but with the issue with the Scepter cans not being available after Dec I am kinda reluctant to go ahead with the design.


No problem at all Christo. I love the rack. The size difference is minimal.

In regards to the jerry can mounts, thanks all for the suggestions. I like the Expeditionexchange mount, the only problem is that I'm sticking with the smaller half size 10 liter cans. (2.7 gallons). I like these a lot better. The smaller cans are much easier to manipulate, they sort of act like a fuel baffle, and I can carry them in more places.

I have 4 wedco cans and tried to order 2 more, but couldn't find any. That lead me to learn about the Scepter cans and the more I read, the more I was intrigued. So, I ordered two 10 liter Scepters from Slee. I also ordered two 10 liter water cans. I have 2 jerry can mounts inside the rig, where I stored two 10 liter gas cans. If the 10 liter water cans will fit there instead, that would be perfect. (see 3rd picture)

The plan is to leave the one lower 10 liter gas can inside the rig, where it will live all the time for the emergencies, since I will only carry gas on the roof for trips where I think it will be needed.

I've heard the horror stories about the reduced fuel economy on the 80s with racks. I'm curious if the reduced mileage is with a loaded rack or both loaded and empty?

I plan to install the same wind shield that made for the rack on my truck onto the 80. (see 1st pic) Hopefully that will at least help with air flow disruption with an empty rack.

I also have this black aluminum box (see 2nd pic) that was on the canopy of my truck that I was hoping to mount to the rack, but even though it's only 6" tall, its too tall for the garage door. However, if I mounted the rack forward and could figure out some way to hang it off the rear of the rack, it would work great. I may just rig it up so I can toss on the rack for trips only. That box is a great place to store digging tools, recovery gear, etc.
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