Afghanistan: My 7 month "Adventure" in the Sangin valley


Semper Fi Teufel! Thanks for the post; funny how I to miss that place...

I returned from Bagram (Air Trans also like RocketManDane) seven months ago, headed back this summer! Yay!


And here is where we see that we live in a crazy small world if udoxx got home 7 months ago and I have only been home 5 months then we probably know each other. And I will probably also be going back this summer!


Great thread, looking forward to more. The one thing that really struck me is HOW DUSTY IT IS! I see everyone with their computers out and I have to wonder whether electronics are subject to a short life-span over the sandbox.



красный октябрь
So tonight I have some more picture to post. These are from my first convoy, back before the 1 was cleared it was an 8 hour convoy at least to get from nolay to inkerman. Later in the year when they cleared the 1 it took about 45 minutes. Luckily it was a boring ride up there with no one getting blown up. And a few close calls once we were there.

Just us on the 'dillo. Trying to keep the dust out of our mouths.

Here are a few pics of going through open desert

Before I could go and do my job, there was some down time. So this is us just hanging out.

That night I went out on an op to a different PB. It was a long and stressful night that I don't want to get into. But here are some pictures of when I got back. These are pallets that we are sleeping on. And yes, there are two sleeping bags on there next to each other. It's ok to do that when you are deployed in the winter. ;)

Now take special notice of what is above my head. It is a crate of unexploded ordinance. Long story short, when we pulled in they staged the convoy right there. We were told to sleep by the vehicles. So we did. In the UXO pit.... We were VERY LUCKY that nothing happened.

This is me in the morning.

And this is me being VERY LUCKY. lol... stupid Marines.

From here we got back in the truck, headed back to nolay. Home sweet home.

I goback and forth between missing that place and can't wait to get back, to f that place and every Non American in it. I guess Ill be back this fall.

Just me by Красный Октябрь, on Flickr

20090415-P4150852 by Красный Октябрь, on Flickr

20090420-IMG_0708 by Красный Октябрь, on Flickr

DSCF0071 by Красный Октябрь, on Flickr

20090609-IMG_6720 by Красный Октябрь, on Flickr

I always carry Mickey, so when my kids see it, they know its really me. This was home for a few weeks. Damn cold at night at 16700 feet.

20090610-IMG_6933 by Красный Октябрь, on Flickr

Trusted brothers

IMG_0322 by Красный Октябрь, on Flickr

IMG_0314 by Красный Октябрь, on Flickr

Yeah, thats a river, with flowing clear water behind me. Pretty good day. Got blown up the next.

IMG_6982 by Красный Октябрь, on Flickr
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Yeah, I am in the mind set of F*** that place and everyone there. Thus the lack of updates and pictures. I hate Afghanistan.


Expedition Leader
Yeah, I am in the mind set of F*** that place and everyone there. Thus the lack of updates and pictures. I hate Afghanistan.
My cousin's in country right now, and though I dislike having anything but a Christian's mindset about most things, I wholeheartedly agree with you.

Thank you for your story, man.