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What started as a long-weekend trip 8 years ago has become an annual trip to explore the abandoned mines of northern Ontario. This year, we spent a week checking out sites along Lake Superior's north shore.

I bought a proper off-road vehicle specifically for these trips, and there's always a lot of fun driving involved.




When we reached this old mine near a ghost town, I sent Archer to check it out on his own, because it had always been frozen over when I had visited it in the past (it's not uncommon to have ice year-round in a lot of these mines). When he came back and told me that all the ice had melted, I reluctantly climbed the steep hill to join him at the adit, but really wasn't expecting much. Boy, was I wrong.



Overlanding off in the middle of nowhere always provides such beautiful sights; even when the weather is terrible.


Although almost everything we explored was underground, we did stop off at one ghost town in the area.




This last site was our main goal for this trip. We had visited the mine 4 times in the past, but never really found our way underground into the bulk of the workings. This year we finally succeeded, and the scale of the place blew our minds.



12. A stick of dynamite just laying around





And finally, a gorgeous sunset over Lake Superior



Old spring house at Paradise Springs in Eagle, WI. It was built in the early 1930's when this was a resort. Originally the spring house had a copper dome roof and was one of the fanciest spring houses in Wisconsin. There was also a large two-story stone hotel as well, but it was torn down in the 1970's. The property is now part of the Kettle Moraine State Forest.

Trout Pond from on top of the dam with the spring house at the other end. 30,000 gallons per hour flow from the springs that feed this pond.


Pacific Northwest yetti

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Looks like ive been slacking,

The old dance hall , at Wallowa Lake Oregon - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wallowa_Lake,_Oregon


Along the Columba River Gorge Oregon, Rufus. Old state park, that's in disrepair. The Corps of Engineers donated it to the county, the county budget only supports the pumping of vault toilets.

These Treat Fishing Platforms are still used.

Unfortunately i have quite a few pics of these platforms, even though all taken with my cell phone, ExPo is stating some are too large.

Dutch Harbor Alalska, part of the pill box, these are all over the island, with large bunkers on the peaks coming into the harbor. On June 3rd, 1942 The Aleutians were invaded, something I don't ever remember them teaching in American History.

Unfortunately I was not able to do any of the hikes, or much exploring as I was on a short leash for work.

This Old Navy vessel is Docked in Lake Union, Seattle. We had the MV Gordon Jensen docked next to her for port work. I dont remember the name, of her history. Just that she has changed hands many times, and is not in great shape.



Actually we were there to see Jim's grave. It is tucked in among many others and if you blink you will go right by it. There was originally a bust of him but it was stolen and each time replaced it was stolen again and they just quit putting them up.
It is a very nondescript grave and no where near the reverence that many think he deserves.
Next to the grave site is a tree that is wrapped with reed fencing covered with gum, chewing gum, thousands of pieces. Some with coins stuck under them. A French woman, knowing we were Americans, asked why so many pieces of gum. Not having an answer, I made one up and said they might be kisses for Jim.
Sounded good at the time, my wife just rolled her eyes and we left.

T n N.
By the way, no date was evident on the one with the tree, as it had been worn away long ago. There were so many very intricate headstones and crypts there that we spent hours just roaming around.
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