A New Generator?


GREAT info and THANKS. My FWC does have a 5000W AC unit. So I'm pretty much swayed towards the Yamaha but not firm. I really want to look at that remote start feature and see what the pros are vice the cons which I suspect is only additional cost?

Ducky's Dad

There are a bunch of YouTube videos about running camper and motorhome A/C with smallish generators. Seems like lots of people run them with the 2400 and some with the 2000. I don't have A/C, but the extra margin of the 2400 could be handy for power tools. I got a line on a lightly used Yamaha 2400iSHC, will see it tomorrow. Bigger and heavier than the 2000 (about 69 pounds vs about 44), but if price/condition are right I'll probably grab it. Still waiting for answers from Yamaha "product specialists."

Ducky's Dad

Got a little more info out of Yamaha (like pulling teeth). Yamaha won't let customers talk to the tech people, you only get to talk to customer relations specialists and they don't know anything. Yamaha told me that tech support is handled by their dealers, and I told them the dealers don't know anything either. When I finished my last call with Yamaha, I called another big Yamaha dealer and asked about differences between the 2000iS and the 2000iSv2. Dealer's response: "What's a v2? Don't have one, never seen one, don't know when we'll have them in stock, don't know how they are different." All I could get out of Yamaha CS is that the v2 puts out cleaner sine wave power for computers and electronic devices, but the specs they sent me are identical for the two units.

Re the EF2400iS vs the EF2400iSHC, the "HC" stands for High Current. That version has a function similar to the larger generators that boosts output current to 20 amps (or maybe more, they don't know) for up to 10 seconds, specifically to start up A/C compressors and other high startup load motors. That could partially explain why some 2400s run A/C and some don't.

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Another thing to keep in mind, if running the AC or larger high amp appliance from the genny, the 2400 will be quieter than the 2000 since it doesn't have to work as hard.


I have the Yamaha 2400 with the tri-fuel option
Runs on gas, propane and natural gas. Gives plenty of options out in the field and at home.

Ducky's Dad

I bought my "new" generator today. Found a Yamaha EF2000iS (not the new v2) that is new but left over from a boat project. Boat owner decided to use something different so the boat builder had the generator just sitting in a closet. Paid $725, including a Yamaha hour meter, magnetic drain plug, optional oil drain tube. Starts and runs like new, looks new. I read some material last night on a couple of off-grid cabin websites about guys using the 2000W Yamaha and Honda generators to run all the power tools needed to build their remote cabins, then dedicating these small generators as the cabins' primary source of electricity. There were a few reports of the 2000W generators not being able to start some table saws, worm drive circ saws, and a few air compressors, but reports were generally positive. I'll know more in a few weeks.