A Blue Maggiolina Grand Tour


Found a blue maggiolina grand tour for sale but the owner doesn't know the age of it. Looks good but I've never seen a blue one.

Can anyone enlighten me on this???

Thanks ahead of time!



I saw the ad for the one your talking about. It looks like the case was painted to color match a previous vehicle. I have owned a couple of Autohome's and by the pix it looks legit. When you look at it make sure the fiberglass on the top cover, inside where the x-arms bolt up, it not damaged.


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Well this tent has been sold. I just got back home from picking it up. I think it may have been on a car once. But the inside was never used. Everything is in new condition and the tags are still on all stuff inside. The outside has some scrapes on the paint. It was custom painted on the outside.

So I basically bought a new RTT for 1/3 the price of new. SCORE!!!

Mike S

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You did well to get it at that price. Some of our customers opt to paint their tent to match their vehicle.

Send me a picture and serial number and I'll see if I can get a mfgr date.



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Will do Mike, when I get back from the Baja 500 in a week. It is missing a few features of the newer tents and would like to upgrade if possible. Also has a bad zipper. Nothing major but will want to get it fixed. Thanks
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This is the tent on my JKUR. The RTT was built 12/23/2008. Haven't had a chance to use it yet, been too busy doing tours in Baja. But looks to be unused or maybe slightly used. The story was a missionary had it for a South American trip and didn't use it. It was put in storage and the guy I bought it from was offered it when they cleaned the unit out. The funny part was when I got it home I was going thru the tent and found a bottle of motion lube in one of the side pockets. I laughed and was thankful the plastic was still on the mattress and pillows. Might be why there are no sheets.



HA! I saw you the other day as I was turning from Ramona St. I was in the lifted silver 4Runner.

I remember thinking, "wow, a blue maggiolina!"

Enjoy the tent!