68 Holiday Rambler Build


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Great build. Bookmark!

Going to pick up my new to me Ford F250 this weekend and hoping to find a camper this year as well.

Just bought the rest of the propane fittings for the propane holding area. This weekends goal will be to build the wall liner for the propane compartment. We plan on using aluminum to build the inner walls of the propane compartment. I will then seal the compartment so that if there is a leak it will not come into the camper. Next week I will order the door with vents.

Pics to follow soon.

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Well they sell them in most rv stores for towing a trailer with a truck camper that sticks out past the rear of the truck.


The Truss I built uses the same idea but I used 2 -2x2 1/4 wall tubing and is only about 30" of extension. The Supertruss uses smaller tubing on the lower part of thier extension.

I also build a new heavy duty hitch to support the extension. Which isn't pictured but I will take that Tomorrow to show as well.


Wow, looking good.

That is a big camper. Love the style of the older campers. Of course I'm biased as I own two classic units myself (neither are anywhere near as nice as yours). Thumbsup!
Thanks. It's so close.

The camper is large but it will make a great base camp while using our off road toy. Plus my wife and I will be living in it full time while we travel.

The dodge has been upgraded with air bags and bumpstop extensions to help with the load and keep sway down.

Will be taking the rv to a scale this weekend to see what it weighs.


Tell us or show us how you attached the TC to the frame of the truck. I've always thought that a flat bed is a waste of $ and space. Just have a subframe which is only as wide as the bottom of the TC and attach the boxes to the truck frame as you did. Good clean job. I approve!

Those tool boxes look like steel. How did you attach them to the truck frame?

Recommended books for Overlanding


As a thought, because you mentioned airbags...

I was having a lot of bob and sway with my camper, which is smaller and surely much lighter than yours. I picked up a set of Timbren springs. They have drastically reduced the mushy, swaying feel, and are completely maintenance free. They also don't affect the ride one iota when the truck isn't loaded. And I don't ever have to inflate or deflate them as a part of my loading or unloading ritual. I'm not saying they're better (I've personally never used airbags) but they are a definite option to consider. I picked mine up on craigslist for $100 and had them installed in a leisurely 1 hour.



Go to http://www.cumminsforum.com/forum/ and become a member if you aren't already. Search hitch and you'll be scared to pull a lawn trailer with that setup. The factory hitch is VERY marginal at best and with the extra leverage your hitch extension will place on it, it WILL NOT have long to live.

Something like this is what you need if you have to run an extension like that.

I'm doing something similar with my 2500 and a pop up and I'm ordering this badboy just in case.