67 Scout 800 build ideas


wait...what? 6.75" frame to ground?

and.....8" to the frame on a stock flatty? Que? I have like 18" under the frame rail and 16.5" under the transfer case skidplate on my little clown car flat fender thing.

I'm confused with your measurements. :smilies27
Scout 80/800 frame should be more like 9.5-10" off the ground with stock tires. If you're 3" lower than that I suspect the springs have collapsed or something.

Your height limitation is going to be up-travel - I have a bit over 5" of bump travel before my steering linkage gets friendly with the frame. That, with 35" tires, puts me at a frame height of 18-19" (need to get a final number now that my suspension is set). So your options are get fancy with frame mods to allow more uptravel of the axle or do the typical rock crawler thing and build it with 2" of uptravel and 10" of droop.

My truck sits at the same height as my friend's Scout 800 with 4" lift springs (still spring under) and 33" tires.
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Hear is what I could find on the great inter Web.

numbers when new
wheel base*100 inches
overall length*154 inches
overall height cab top*66.5, travel top*67.7
front/rear overhang*24inches/30inches
ground clearance front axle*7.7 inches*rear axle*6.8inches
floor to ground*15 inches


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With a 35" tire I just don't think D60/14bolt stuff is worth it. The ground clearance starts to become an issue under the axle.
That is sage advice right there...

It is possible to make a 14b work with 35s, but plan on doing a shave on it. Not just a 13 bolt trim, but a true shave with a turned down ring gear. Even then you will drag a fair bit. Something you get used too... however, I have needed a strap once or twice because my shaved 14 bolt was plowing. The tape measure puts my 14 bolt at the same clearance as the front 44, but the big flat cap plate from the shave will hurt you as much as it helps you. Just something to keep in mind...

If you want to upgrade, I would look at a 44/60 or even 44/44 set up. Depending on how hard you want to wheel, and how heavy your right foot gets.


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I moved it 200 yards. No I'm moving back to my home town of Ocean Park wa. So I won't see this project for 3 months.

I have collected a few new parts for it a rusted out 80 k5 blazer will be donating it's 350 th 350 205 and 35" off brand mt. This should get it on the road. I am thinking of cutting the axles down.


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The axles from your newly found blazer along with wheels with a little deeper than normal backspacing will have you around the width that you want. Possibly use 16" wheels from a newer 4x4 chevy pickup instead of the old 15" wheels that the blazer probably has now.


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That's the plan I'll use the current 35s in the dunes where I now live and get some q78 16 swampers on 16" wheel's just need to have the centers machine to fit the hub


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Any updates? I've been looking at getting another scout for a little while. I miss working on them!


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Nothing post worthy. We moved back to Montana. I swear if we move again in the next 15 years I'll flip. The truck has not seen alot of work I put money down on a 66x40 shop should be done in 6 weeks.

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Is there a build thread for the flatty and scout in this pic? Both rigs are awesome
The old flat fender is mine. If you search my user name you can find the 'Rango' build thread on here. There is another version on pirate4x4.com in the willys section.