67 Scout 800 build ideas


For reference (and because I like showing it off) here's what 35x12.5's on a Scout II width Dana 44 looks like on a Scout 80 body.


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MotorDave, that has the perfect stance. Looks killer.

I would reccommend trimming fenders to fit larger tires rather than buying a lift kit.

I've been thinking about upgrading my 800 axles to scout II axles, then I read all the negatives that go along with them. How about dana 44s out of a wagoneer/ grand cherokee? Toyota mini truck axles? Something that was super common so you can just drive to napa and have the parts available.

Are you going half cab or full cab?


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Those are many reasons I am looking at ides. Hacking my 800 up is not a plan fender timing is ok but I can't and won't cut enough to clear 35s no lift. This is a camping pleasure truck.

My scout will have the rare sport top fast back style top. My wife wants a half cab soft top so that's what she gets.

I have a built toyota diff that I'm really thinking about using. With ifs outers I will be at 58" wms.

My worry is the 29" center on the spring perches. As I want to run leaf springs.


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So any ideas on trans choice. I'm a stick guy but honestly I'm getting lazy. I have been thinking auto I know my wife wants auto and might as well be the same crosses my mind. I have some 4l60e in fact both parts trucks have them. But I'm also worried about size and a th 350 may be a better plan or I may still put a 4speed in mine.


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And dose anyone recommend a harness over cutting down the factory. I'm sure I can do it as I have the whole truck.


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are you talking about complete bumper to bumper harness or just for the engine efi stuff?

For bumper to bumper look into EZ-Wiring harnesses, sold be Dolphin Gauges. Top notch stuff.

For the engine harness PCM I got a guy, great work on the cheap.

Here is my old '63 on 31 x 11 tires



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I ran 35s, on a 66 800, 283 chevy, T98a, with factory twin stick 20... front was Waggy 44, converted to 5 on 5.5, rear was Scout II 44, 4.88 gears, and spool rear, SOA with YJ rear leaves at all 4 corners, reverse shackle up front and stretched the wheelbase to 105". But I am a big fan of wide front and narrower rear axles, easier to keep the rear in line, and building with as little lift as possible.

I had 0 turning issues. The frame isn't that wide, and the correct offset and steering set up should give full turning.

I will have to dig up pictures, but mine was several inches lower than MotoDave's good looking scout. IIRC it was maybe 72-74" from ground to the top of the hardtop.

With what you are wanting to do, use the 58" WMS set up for the Toy front axle and go. Drive train combo you listed should be good.


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OK so I feel that I have come to a decision. Some hear will not like it but hay it's my truck :coffeedrink:. My build plan is this

Toyota front 4:10 s 35s 305 v8 sm465 205 ford 9" rear and it will be come a Ute or tray back.

My wife traded me scouts. She wants a nice clean restomod style and I want to run trails with mine. So the scout in question is a 1967 800 with the Comanche 4 cylinder and a sport top. This scout has rust so no o e should feel bad about what will happen to it. I have always liked the ute tray back style rigs from auzzie land.


So the sport top will be up for grabs if any one is looking. I know alot of people don't like cutting up old iron. When don't this should be amazing. It will be kept fairly low and clean. A simple flatbed with room for gear. The wheel base will be stretched 10-15" to make it look right and give a small but good sized bed. Pictured above is a 110 defender that i very much like and is the basic idea. This should be good for many trails hunting what ever I need. I should have a book base for just about any thing I need. The front axel may not be enough for a small v8 time will tell. I had thought of using a vortec 4.3 but I sold the pair of blazers for a decent amount. I will likely just carb this and swap tbi at a later date if needed. This is just to fill a gap and be a fun project until I get fully moved and equipped for my tube Chassis camp crawler built. So nothing to fancy just clean and functional.

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Dude. Sweet.

The possibilities are endless now. Why Toy six lug front and Ford five lug rear? (i know the answer will most likely be "cuz its what i have")

I'm curious to see you'll tackle the cab. How about something like an extended five window pickup?