Hopefully this is not out of line. But any word on the 4xe Grand Cherokee version. I would assume it may get better results because of aerodynamics, but the price seems a little steep. I would also assume it may have the same problems/bugs to be worked out.
They are saying the 4XE Gladiator will be be shown in 2023 and released in 2024. So, probably before then. We already have cherokee's and renegade 4xE in the EU.


Thanks for the updates. My 2016 Ecodiesel WKII is currently waiting for a tone ring (crankshaft sensor). No ETA when parts will arrive (Maybe 3 months was the 1st guess). This was after having the Software updated for the mandated recall and still waiting on the EGR recall. I'm about done with Jeep/Fiat/Stellantis. So maybe there is a better off-road hybrid option in my future.