4x4 fire truck conversion project


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Time for a little update.

Lift is 95%, deciding if I want to change the front slightly.

Loving the tires, and the speed increase from them. Will do 80 and pretty happy cruiser at 70.

Struggled with some driveline issues since the firepump is still in place but got that taken care of.

All grease fitting now taking grease so pretty happy about that even if it took awhile to go through all that.

Running some small spacers to help with drum to rim clearance and have about 2" of tire sticking out now

Parts to finish the rear brakeline extensions should be in today

Building a hitch for it this weekend so I can haul some of my other toys around easier with it.

Went through the motor, valve clearances, filter and the like. Swapped in 8 new bigger injectors

Otherwise it's running great, I drive it everyother day or so and got used to a 30ft long rig surprisingly fast but I do still want to mount some side and rear camera because people love my blind spots.

If I havent mentioned it before, her name is Sparkles

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I already have some capable vehicles between my van and my bike but I want a choice for some more space and other people to come along. So the most reasonable option is to drive 4 states away and buy a 4x4 fire truck on your 26th birthday right?

I was really looking for something heavier then a 1 ton truck and 4x4, but I could not pass this truck up. And "this", is a 1985 E-One Hurricane 4x4 custom pumper. She has a 450hp v8 diesel, 4sp auto. Is 30ft long and a full 8ft wide. My favorite bit on it is the hydraulic winch mounted in the back, right now I'm guessing it's a 30k lbs unit.

The plan drivetrain wise is 4-6" lift, go up from the 42" tires to 53's with some 16.00r20s, and find a locker to fit the rear axle. Also need to be able to haul my motorcycle and preferably a boat like I do with my van

Living quarters wise, the water tank, pump, and all its plumbing will be going away to make room to build a 8x16 shell on the back (don't worry, it will still mostly look like a firetruck) going for 6'6" interior height so I can stand fully. Wet bath with endless recirculating shower, sleeping for 4 and radiant infloor heat.

It's going to be a big project, but should be a good time! She does still need a name though

Pretty sure that I just saw your rig on Facebook..lol


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getting that transfer case and pump took off a lot of weight and i'm still hung up on removing the tank

thought i had it unbolted butt i was mistaken

found 4 more bolts or should i say BOLTS hidden WAY up n under the tank that will require HELP and another helper to man the fire extinguisher while the other 2 of us crawl up in there to cut 'em out using fire scissors

this necessitates proximities closer than the current 6' distancing recommendations

i did manage to remove the wheels n side boxes solo


so now i'm building a wooden sailboat until i can get safe help

GREAT seeing those huge sneakers mounted

and they're providing speeds i only dream about




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Wow how great to see this build. I too own a 4x4 fire truck. This hoss was engine no 1 at Mcmurdo Airbase in Antarctica with her identical twin (Engine no 2). Pierce Arrow aluminum body with an enclosed dog house. 3406b Cat. It's a tank. Very interested in your build. Mine has a very similar driveline complete with the pancake PTO pump and rear diff driven front driveline and a bunch of u joints and shafts.

What wheels and tires did you go with to super single? Also assuming you ha e a Detroit 8V92? Gotta love those screaming jimmies.