33 x 10.50 x 15 on Expo Jeeps?


30x9.5 on 15x8 rims

I have 30x9.5 AT radials mounted on 15x8 alloy rims on my 2001 TJ.

A 30" tire is 2" taller than the stock 28" and gives me one inexpensive inch of additional ground clearance without the expense of a lift. The 30" is the tallest tire you can run without a lift which does not rub at full articulation or in a tight turn.

As your tires get taller, you raise the center of gravity, lower your mpg and complicate your steering geometry. Taller tires also lead to re-gearing, the need for stronger axles, heavier spare tire rack and slower acceleration.

With 31" tires, I'd gain only 0.5" more ground clearance over the 30" and I'd need a 2" lift.

If I go up to 32" tires, I'd gain 1.0" more ground clearance over a 30" tire and I'd need a 3" lift.

The 15x8 rims allow the sidewalls of my 30" tires to run more vertical without bulging and lets the top to the tires run flatter for better wear and a good footprint.

For my application which is go-long, mild off-road adventure touring, I believe my set up gives me the lowest GOG, best mpg and most ground clearance without unwanted additional expenses.

That said, if you have the money, like the look or have the need...GO BIG.



Thanks for asking this question, I've been kicking around taking the same route.
I've wheeled with Mr. ROKTAXI and his tires seemed to go the same places the other guys in our group go with 35's.


Thanks for asking this question, I've been kicking around taking the same route.
I've wheeled with Mr. ROKTAXI and his tires seemed to go the same places the other guys in our group go with 35's.
I've only experienced one issue on the trail one time where a 12.5" tire could make the obstacle and a 10.5: tire could not, just needed that extra width to hold the rock. Both Jeeps were locked, very similar lift setup ups, but the narrower tire just could not hold the line.


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Not running them on a Jeep, but my 1st Gen 4Runner is similar to say an LJ or a CJ8... Gotta say if I could have found 33x9.50's when I went tyre hunting, I'd have gone that route. As it is I LOVE my 33x10.50 BFG AT's they're bloody brilliant in the snow and rain. I think that just going from 31's to 33's did alot in terms of ride quality alone just because of the obvious advantage of a ;larger diameter tyre and it not "dropping into" pot holes etc as much.
33x10.50's are a GREAT sized tire. I'm considering going to a 255/85/16 if I get new rims, but I Love the 15's I have on the truck now so much I just can't see going to 16's and replacing them.

Edit: another thing is, the narrower tires will make life easier ESPESCIALY on an XJ as the narrower tyre's scrub radius coupled with proper back-spacing of the rims will keep you from having fender or suspension rubbing issues.


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I ran two sets on my '97 XJ and absolutely loved them. I would recommend them to anyone looking at 33" tires. I had the BFG AT variety. Check my sig for pics. My old Jeep is about half way down the page.


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Add another to the 255/80R17 faction. Mounted, though, they measure 32 inches. That is to be expected with BFG....Though these are E rated, the ride is not bad on road at 30psi.



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33x10.50 BFG AT's here too. Mine are on a 1st Gen 4Runner (little heavier then a Jeep) and frankly they're the BEST tires I've ever run on ANY of my rigs. Skinny is THE way to go unless you're a constant Mudder or Sand player...

I honestly ISH I could have found some 33X9.50's in the old BFG MT style, AND I wish that the KM2's came in a 9.50 as well. I've proven time and time again that Skinny is better tehn wide in 99% of the terrain you take a 4wd on. PLus they're juust SO much better ON road as well.

As for the guy who said his wife thought his CJ "looked stupid" with the Skinny's... You're wife's got some interesting taste, I think you rig looks PERFECT on the skinny 33's.

AS for Lift, make sure the BS of your rims is dialed in cause that will have the most effect on rubbing (scrub radius) more so then width (not that width doesn't have issues too, but the scrub radius is the biggest issue - although Jeeps have more worry, you can run 35X10.50's on a Toyota with ZERO lift and the right wheels eh...)




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I went for BFG KM2s in 33x 10.50's and they work great so far!
Desert Dan,

Are those wheels 15x8's? What backspacing did you go with? I was searching for some 15x8's and found about 4 different backspacings were available with the black soft 8's. Your's look just right and want to mimic the combo on my XJ.


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The wheels are 15 x 8 Cragar 399 Silver Soft 8 Wheels from Quadratec. (Part #92602.204).

Them seem fine for the 33 x10.50's. I went with an 8" rim in case I wanted to go wider in the future (I doubt I will though).