2009 Chevy Medium Duty 4x4 Kodiak Ambulance conversion


Hey guys.

Maybe you know how it is. You get to a certain point on the build where it works well enough and you're sick of working on it so off you go. I've been in the truck full time since the last post. Most of my time has been spent traveling and enjoying however I did take some time for a few projects. I want to keep this thread as the main build site so here we go with some updates.

By the way, I haven't been on here in a while and it's a real treat seeing new and old comments of encouragement. I thank you guys for that. I'm sure most know the time it takes to keep up on a thread like this.

Lets start with some steps.

Power Step Install

I went all winter with the steps installed but not wired up. You can see they have a well used look even though they weren’t. I thought I would tackle the job in Mexico but the two times I started it just seemed too daunting.

It was a big job which ultimately took me a couple of days. The steps include a couple of lights, door sensors, and an ignition connection.

Step switches

In the end they are one of my favorite additions to the camper. These are made by treadlight and I recommend them.


Espar Heater Install

I put the espar under the dinette bench. There was some wasted space there that matched the loaf of bread sized heater. I wanted to make some changes to the dinette anyway so I ripped things apart.

I saw a blog once where some brilliant dude ran the heater through a metal tray which became a foot warmer while sitting. Since I wanted to raise the floor anyway it made sense to give this idea a go.

This is the metal box that the dinette attaches to. No, it’s not pretty. That’s because it’s not normally seen. It’s just there to be a solid mount for the table. Notice the 4 inch extension at the top. By running the heater hose through the box it heats up the table base. It works very well and I’m so glad I did it.

One of the more difficult parts of installing one of these heaters is the pickup for the fuel tank. My tank is 53 gallons so bulky even when empty. I was lucky in that the tank didn’t have to be removed all the way and also had an extra 1/2″ port just waiting to be used.

Trusty “creeper” on the ground.
Two extra options for adding fuel lines.

The controllers can be challenging with these heaters. Luckily I have a friend who is familiar with them. I did run into one problem. I wanted two controllers, one by the bed and another in the “living room.” Turns out the two in the above photo are not compatible. Or, they would have been if the square one had a purple wire.

Heater control going into a “don’t get out of bed to have heat” position.
Dad helping with another project.


Table Version 2.0

Table 1.0 wasn’t the best. With opposing drawer glides the versatility was great but the stability wasn’t. I never liked the original top either. The wood didn’t match anything in the camper and the finish was sub par.

For the new one we tapped holes in an aluminum base for mounting both the new black top and one set of diagonal drawer glides.

The new table is much more stable and stylish.


What a great idea with the Drawer slides! I want to put a U shaped Dinette in my truck but would mostly only be using the end seats for my wife and I. I want the ability to use the long side for the few times we have extra folks there but in order to have enough room the table needed to be really narrow. I like this idea, for the few times we want to use the long side of the U we can just slide the table out further into the Aisle.


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Really cool project. Tons of great ideas. I’ve been collecting parts for mine for the last 2 years. Your project has been a really good motivation for me to not give up on it. Thank you for taking the extra time to share it with us.