1991 Land Rover Defender 110 LHD 2 door 200 Tdi

1991 Land Rover Defender 110 LHD 2 door 200 Tdi manufactured in Solihull England ROW model.

The master plan when I bought this truck in July 2016 was to purchase a Defender 110 with a 200 Tdi and build it for Overlanding and camping and use it for daily transportation.
I had been waiting for many years to purchase a 1991 or newer Land Rover that had the factory 200 Tdi and I found it available in the US already imported and titled in VA.

Originally imported by Valencia Classic Vehicle Consulting from Jaen Spain a region of southern Spain that is known to be dry, and the overall condition proves that out.
The frame has some surface rust but is very solid and the floors have a couple of patches but look to be original. The bulkhead is solid in the footwell area, but some rust is present in the upper pillar area.
The doors show some signs of bubbling on the edges but are clean on the frame bottoms.
The truck was repainted at some time before it was shipped to the US and it shows the normal dents, chips and scratches that would be expected of a truck that has worked for its life.
It has a full-length roof rack with a full floor that can support the weight of several adults or a dozen kids.
I have a clear Colorado title and state diesel inspection documentation. I also have copies of the import documentation that goes with the truck.
I'm driving the truck daily and averaging 28 Mpg on both Diesel and B20 Bio Diesel fuel.
I can provide my mechanics contact information who can provide the details on the work he has performed during my ownership and his impressions of overall condition. I encourage pre-purchase inspections and test drives.
I'm still driving this daily until it's sold so I will continue to make improvements and accumulate miles.
Current mileage is 246380 Kilometers (153100 miles)

History of repairs and parts replacements during my ownership;
July 2016 -
Timing belt
Change engine oil and filters
Replaced tires with Goodyear Wrangler Duratracs (235/85R16)
January 2017 -
New battery
Glow plugs
Heat pad applied to oil pan
July 2017 -
Transfer box output flanges and all new driveshaft nuts and bolts
Intercooler hoses
Cleaned up various electrical connections for lights and accessories added by previous owner
Changed engine oil and filters
September 2017 -
Heater core
Blower motor
Heater box seals
Various Heater cables and clips
Snow cowl
January 2018 -
Engine pulled, and all the core "freeze" plugs replaced
Head was removed and inspected and was found in perfect shape and new gasket was installed
Water pump
PS and Alternator belts
Transfer box output bearings replaced
Motor mounts
Stainless bolts for all doors



Very nice, but you are missing one very important detail..... $?

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Seats 10 as currently configured.
3 up front with driver seat and a custom bench and 3 two man benches in the back. Two on the left side behind the driver and one bench up front on the passenger side.
I'll try to get some pictures and post. They where recovered at some time with a leather like material and show lots of use. My best guess is this truck carried several people for work duty in it's past.
I've had a few questions about rear the crossmember. It looks to have been replaced at some time and it shows some surface rust but solid. The welds are strong and dent is present on the right side currently covered by my plate.


I'm a LR noob, but what's the black thing on the front passenger fender? Air intake?
It's a Snow cowl to keep snow and rain from entering the fresh air intake for heating system. LR put the intake on top of the fender and water and snow can collect in the heater and rust the box and fan.
It also helps a little with dirt as it's harder for dirt to enter with the cowl installed.