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    James Baroud Horizon Vision Roof Top Tent

    Helpful review. Does a Tepui actually weigh double at 200 plus lbs? Yikes
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    1999 G500 Pur edition

    MB makes plugs for the the outer holes on the 461 side rail trim. Part number A0029971486
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    loking for a storage in east Asisa

    Lyna Garage in Phnom Penh, $35.00 per month for car and $20.00 per month for motorcycle
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    Frame mounted rock sliders
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    VIBRATION Somewhere Underneath

    Tires changed recently? Get them road force balanced at a different, more experienced shop. This is a common root cause and best place to start.
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    G-Wagen Images: Feel the love

    That is in Taiwan
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    Rhino Rack... What would you do?

    Yup, they fit the G.
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    G-Wagen Images: Feel the love

    It is part of an MB sponsored global event
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    2016 G-wagen models

    If I am not mistaken, the 461 Professional is no longer available in any market.
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    Overland Journal "The Ultimate Overlander" Article

    Why are safety ratings always omitted from these comparisons? Curious The tested model of Toyota Landcruiser 70 Series cab chassis with the 4.5 litre V8 engine was introduced in Australia during 2007. This rating only...
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    Overland Journal "The Ultimate Overlander" Article

    Good to know; however, please note that not all 461 Professional are 12.24v and have the dual alternators, which is mil-spec. That does add a level of complexity for sure.
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    Should I paint my roof white?

    SPINOFF: A black car heats up faster than an identical white car. (From Pilot 2) CONFIRMED A fan wrote in and asked a follow up question: "Does the color of a car affect the way it heats up?". The MythBusters used two identical cars, one black the other white and left them both out in the summer...
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    G55 Build

    Yup, check all hoses too. The tropics will shorten lifespan in that area too.
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    Crossing Vietnam by own car, March/April 2016

    I may be available and able to join. Will drop you an email.