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    Parking brake light stuck on.

    When my vacuum pump went out last summer there were no dash lights at all. Just a super hard pedal with very little brake. Mines an 03. Definitely try jumping the pressure switch on the master as mentioned above. They are known for going out.
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    Newbie here: Please school me on NV 3500 4x4 conversions. That’s just one thread regarding advanced on the smb forum. There’s more if you search. If you live near the shop, I might consider them, but if you aren’t just down the street, there’s no way in hell. All I did...
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    Rubber boot between truck and shell

    How about using a bike tube? My concern with that boot or a bike tube would be dirt getting between the cab/shell/boot and just jacking the paint up. Maybe remove the windows from both shell and truck and get one of these...
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    Underbody storage solutions

    If your van is an econoline smb forum member northleftcoast sells aluminum under storage boxes. Will also install if you live near him.
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    Fuel tank in place of my spare tire???

    A buddy has one of these in the spare tire spot on his racecar. Might be able to make something like it work??
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    Adding new spare tire into rotation of used tires.

    The wheel and tire setup I have is heavy and I’m lazy. Haven’t had any issues with cupping or irregular wear so far so I just measure tread depth and swap whichever one has the most wear out with the spare. It was left front first 3-4 times, but the right rear was the most worn at the last oil...
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    Train horn

    hover over the members name under the avatar and it will provide you location if they provided it. should have never removed it from where it used to be imho. id like a train horn for the dumbfucks that don't pay attention at lights. they start texting, dicking with their phone, yelling at...
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    4” exhaust for 1995 e350 with Cummins swap

    id like to see it too! is there a build thread anywhere?
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    4” exhaust for 1995 e350 with Cummins swap

    Looks like theres numerous custom exhaust shops listed in s florida. Start calling around and asking questions. Find a shop that’s receptive to your ideas about buying an exhaust (possibly from them) and then having it modified. Like stated 4” pipe is not expensive and with a good portion of the...
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    4” exhaust for 1995 e350 with Cummins swap

    if it were me id just buy the $350.00 4" diamond eye 94.5-early 07 e series van exhaust with muffler and not install the dp or use it for stock for whatever dp the fabshop creates for you. or the non muffler option for $320.00 and pick something bigger for a muffler to take away more sound. just...
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    Pics of your VAN! Post up!

    ^^^ pretty straightforward unless you have the 46 gallon tank. I don’t have that particular sway bar, but I had to face mine backwards to get it installed due to lack of space that the bigger tank occupied.
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    New To Me 93

    looks clean enough. what motor is in it?
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    Rear spare tire carrier options.

    When I converted to the 10.5 sterling axle I converted the rest of the van to 8x170. When making a new adapter for the aluminess tire carrier I designed it so the tire actually rested on the bumper rather than having all the weight on the unit itself. The other reason I did this is because I’m...
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    Binky, the '92 7.3l 4x4 Econoline

    Lo, no offense intended Raul, I’ve just seen so many threads about it along with the resolution that I know he can figure it out. The newer mirrors come with a 4th stud. Everything I’ve seen was resolved by drilling a hole for that stud. Can’t imagine he will have any issues with the glass...
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    Binky, the '92 7.3l 4x4 Econoline

    ^^^ in other words, he might have to drill a hole, lol. However I can’t help out wth wiring. I bought the non oem standard ones cause we’re broke and I had read that the power ones folded, but only folded electronically. That was a no go for me. I get mine slapped against the van every so often...