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  • Scott,

    I've been reading your write of the Jeep JK. Looks like you like it for expedition work. I am looking into getting one. Why did you go with AEV Nth Degree 3.5" Suspension System, AEV bumpers and wheel? Thanks for your help.

    Hi, Scott. I tried PMing you, but I guess you have it disabled.

    In 18-24 months when I've got money saved up and got it fixed up for travel, I'm wanting to take my '87 FJ60 across the country. Ideally, I'll be doing both, but I'm wanting to at least either ramble around the West basically doing as many trails like are listed in The Top 10 Southwest Overland Trails or drive north up to Deadhorse, AK, and then travel around Alaska. I've read several of your trip reports, but was hoping to talk to you more in-depth about it, especially your arctic trip.


    PS: I just saw your note about being incommunicado. Be careful and good luck!
    Scott, I just finally joined your discussion group. We have been very busy with the recent addition of s new baby boy to our lives. It was a pleasure meeting you at the Rover gathering in Chehalis Washington.

    I am off to the Unimog fest for the second year with the 101 Forward Control.

    Will you be going to Mog Fest NW?

    Hey Scott,
    My name is Jack, and I had a few questions for you. I'm a college student, and my questions aren't so much vehicle based, but more a question of simply how. If you have the chance, could you email me at
    Thanks for your time.
    Scott...... Any information on the Expo Rally in VT this September? I have seen nothing on Portal, what's up? mjmcdowell
    Dear Scott,

    I'm curious to know how many miles you expect to get out of those BFG MT on the E7? And thank you for all of your time you put into ExPo. Its a great way for me to escape from the mountains of engineering books I have to go through while in school. Good luck on your world expedition.
    i humbly request mod status for the gwagon section. just gwagon, elsewhere would make me have to completely and utterly behave. they are discussing e350's for their moms. at first i thought it was a typo, but g and e are far enough apart.

    i'll.... well... i wont hammer the ridiculous comments elsewhere.

    i invoke my powers as a founding subscriber and g addict. you must obey. even stalin had to bend sometimes.
    I apologize in advance for any slow/absent replies, as I am currently on a two-year, seven-continent adventure ending in January of 2014. During that time, I will have limited email and internet access.

    If you require immediate assistance regarding a business matter, please contact our customer service team at 928-777-8567 or s e r v i c e @ overlandjournal (dot) c o m
    Scott - Really enjoyed visiting your site and learning more about expedition/adventure travel. My family and I are outdoor enthusiasts - camping, hiking, backpacking, travel, hunting, etc. After research, decided that a 2003-05 Land Cruiser fits the bill.

    On the "Top 10 Used Overland Vehicles" you suggest an OME HD Suspension, new shocks and 295/75 R16 BFG ATs. Then in the Cons section you mention strengthening the differentials and axle arms when overloaded or overdriven.

    Our travel would include long distance highway travel, trips to National Parks, road trips out West, 2 x per year Elk Hunting trips in the Rockies on some 4x4 trails, running around the great state of Texas (Big Bend, Hill Country, etc). We would occasionally pull a trailer (maybe adventure style), kayaks, gear for week long travel, etc. Are there any other mods you'd find important for this type of travel. I'm looking for effective, purposeful upgrades, not fluff.

    Thanks in advance!
    Scott.....I take it you are gearing up for the NC Overland Rally? Any word on the number of folks registered to attend? I will be pulling the trigger on a full pass in the next day or two.
    That would be fantastic! We'll be taking 105 out for the first trip early February - going south (probably passing your neighborhood) and west ending up in Utah later. Then, we had plans to go to Alaska - but we are debating as to going early summer or late summer....
    What plans do you have regarding trips?
    Hi Scott,
    It has been a while since we last saw each other. I sold ER#65 and am about to take delivery on ER#105!!! (2011 truck with the right tires!)... Anyway, I hope you are all doing well and I hope to see you soon!
    Somebody has posted on a thread that I have with a link which I'm not about to click on. He just joined and then copied something that I had written in my thread. Obviously not a real member. I think it should be deleted.
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