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  • What you do for this community is awesome. Thanks for all the hard work. You are truly inspiring. Travel safe.
    Hey Scott, I live in phoenix. Any chance of being able to drop by the office in Prescott sometime just to check the place out?

    Also if you ever have a second (your always keeping busy on cool adventures!) I wanted to get some info from you about how you register vehicles in Canada/Overseas and whether you can do that such as a D110 at a PO Box in Mexico and then just drive it in to the USA and use it there with mexican plates on it. Thanks bud.
    Thanks again for your kind offer :
    " If you need any support, or a place to work on your truck in AZ, feel free to stop by the Overland Journal and Expeditions West office."

    We met in Expo in 2010, we drove a previous version of the current truck.
    We are now divorcing. So, the truck is for sale.

    May I pick your brain ? I'd like to have your idea about a selling price for the vehicle as it is equipped.

    I know how much it would cost to build one (and how much I paid) but before i post a price I am gathering input from experienced overlanders.

    Thank you very much.

    Just a quick question for ya. I love the website, by the way. Spectacular site.

    My question is the following --> how can I get my pictures to show up when viewed by those who are not logged in??? I am posting a build thread about my GMC adventure van, but can only view pics when logged in. When viewing threads of other writers, this is not an issue. My friends are not able to view pics posted.

    Thanks for your help.


    Javier Festa
    Hello Scott really enjoy this Forum and appreciate all the Hard work and Dedication you all place into the Outdoor world.
    I am introducing my outdoors Mates to this Magnificent Forum.
    Big Thank you to all the People involved.
    Fairly new here and just got done reading this:
    Great piece. Living in northern New England I took particular interest in how you prepared your vehicle for the cold. At the end of the story you said, "Research the cold-weather testing performed by the manufacturer of your vehicle. All Toyota trucks are tested to –60°F; other manufacturers typically employ much less stringent standards." I have spend a few hours doing google searches for automotive cold weather testing using a dozen or so search terms and digging pages deep for each result. All I've been able to find so far are some aerial shots of some proving grounds and a bunch of IIHS reports. Could you reveal where you get your testing data from? I would love to compare the results from Toyota, Nissan, LR, Jeep, etc etc. Thanks!
    I don't know if you are the moderator or just the founder, but I would like to have a section added to the Adventure Activities branch of the forum: Trail Running. Trail running is becoming very popular in the US and I think many of the forum visitors would enjoy discussing the trails. Thanks.

    I've been reading your write of the Jeep JK. Looks like you like it for expedition work. I am looking into getting one. Why did you go with AEV Nth Degree 3.5" Suspension System, AEV bumpers and wheel? Thanks for your help.

    Hi, Scott. I tried PMing you, but I guess you have it disabled.

    In 18-24 months when I've got money saved up and got it fixed up for travel, I'm wanting to take my '87 FJ60 across the country. Ideally, I'll be doing both, but I'm wanting to at least either ramble around the West basically doing as many trails like are listed in The Top 10 Southwest Overland Trails or drive north up to Deadhorse, AK, and then travel around Alaska. I've read several of your trip reports, but was hoping to talk to you more in-depth about it, especially your arctic trip.


    PS: I just saw your note about being incommunicado. Be careful and good luck!
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