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    Anyone using Cooper AT3 XLT tires?

    I have about 57,000 on a set of ATPs right now, and have noticed more noise here of late. They've been all around so good, i'll probably go with them aagin. I have been looking at the newer version of the AT3's available on amazon. They have a 60,000 warranty
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    Type-I Ambo Project AKA: Fat Boy

    What's the latest on this rig?
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    1968 Chevy K10 SWB Overlander

    Absolutely Awesome build! I love the fact that you are keeping it as original as you can while making a few modernizations. Great job and keep us updated!
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    Jeep Expedition Kitchen DIY

    I like it! Simple but effective.
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    1973 Wagoneer - Full Size Camping Goodness

    I love the old school style to this build! And i'll second what other people have said: don't look at the money you've spent as money lost. It's better than paying off a truck note, knowing that money is really lost. And its way more capable than anything Detroit offers these days. Love the FSJs!
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    1999 Jeep Wrangler 2.2L Kubota diesel swap

    Awesome project!
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    Afghanistan: My 7 month "Adventure" in the Sangin valley

    great pics! thanks for sharing!
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    Anza-Borrego Wanderings 2012

    Nice pics!
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    My homegrown pop top camper

    Here it is in the up position. In the up position by rdraider72, on Flickr
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    My homegrown pop top camper

    $1000 give or take a few
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    My homegrown pop top camper

    Well, I got it loaded, just a few things left here and there. It will be an evolving work from now on. The hard part is done. Now to take it out and see what works and what doesn't. Loaded! by rdraider72, on Flickr
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    From school bus to “cabin style” RV – in progress conversion

    watching with anticipation! When i was a kid in scouts we had a 1958 chevy school bus. It was the coolest thing ever to go to camp in. Although a little short for me it would have made a great conversion. 454 with a turbo 400 tranny.
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    My homegrown pop top camper

    Head room is good, just in the back half. Which is acceptable because i will only be siting or laying down in the front half. OK now for some updated pics! :D Here is good view of the rear door. The top half flips up and acts as a little roof, the bottom half is pretty standard. On the inside...
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    My homegrown pop top camper

    Getting close! Well, it's been a while but here are a couple of poorly lit pics. Getting close by rdraider72, on Flickr And the other side! Getting close 2 by rdraider72, on Flickr Thanks for looking!