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    1996 Toyota Hiace 4x4 Turbo Diesel Pop-Top

    Craigslist link Located in Squamish BC Canada. Currently 126300KM.- but driving pretty regularily. PM for more info - can also talk about storage till its USA Legal. I Also have a similar Non-Turbo 1995 4x4 Hiace as well that I'll post up here soon.
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    Mitsubishi Canter FG 4WD 1992 JDM Supermotorhome (Seattle, WA)

    non-turbo.... I had one.. and Yes, the non-turbo is a dog...
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    1997 One of a kind AWD ASTRO Camper. SHOWER, WC, KITCHEN. Low Mileage.

    didnt bid on anything this week - but always hunting! Just seem to remember that one. Figured I'd see it one day!
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    1997 One of a kind AWD ASTRO Camper. SHOWER, WC, KITCHEN. Low Mileage.

    japan auction What are the chances this one came from Japan? Think I bid on it!... obviously didnt win hahah
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    access to social media

    Not sure this is the correct place, but Can anyone offer any tips of tricks to access social media and blocked web feeds while in China?
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    2006 Fleetwood Evolution ev1 camper Phoenix area $6750 obo

    nice Wish you were located just a Tad bit closer to BC,... that and the USD was not so high on us Canucks!
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    Diesel Hi-Lux Sunrader - Portland CL

    Ive seen a few imported to Canada over the years.. nice looking, but big overhang on the back end and pretty lacking in power
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    toyota landcruiser RV, RHD

    been on their site for sale for about 6 years now if i remember correctly - its been listed on here a few times. I've seen it out in Tofino/ Vancouver Island a couple years back - I believe its out there somewhere. Strange design. loads of rear overhang.
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    1985 Unimog in Vancouver, BC

    Island Mog Did you look at Heinz's? the raised roof one near Victoria?
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    CL Canada Toyota van-based TownAce camper

    Having owned many RHD vehicles, its had to say I'd pass based on that.. Agree it may be an issue in some places- but how many times do you pull over in a high traffic street to park? Usually there are carparks, / off main street parking. Then again - although cool.. this thing is very...