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    L322 roof rack options

    Hi there, New l322 owner here, I see front runner and rhino racks on l322's but neither company list a rack or mounting system on their respective web pages. Can someone point me to a source? I need to get my RTT up there for the summer road trips!! Thanks Chris 2010 SC L322
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    L322 roof rack

    Hello SSG, I am about to pick up a 2010 l322 and like the look of the Rhino rack but the website does not list a rack for the truck, can you share a part number or kit I should be looking for? Also if you don't mind saying how much was the rack? I need something for my RTT. Thanks Chris
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    What GPS system do you use?

    1. Company and Model Number; iQue 3600 Garmin 2. Price you paid ; $400 with the car mount 3. Type of area you "explore" ;City and forest 4. Durability (How long you have had it); since they were released 2004? took it swimming once and it lived!! 5. The Good; load your own topo maps and...
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    Westfalia Vanagon Question

    which model wesfalia has those dimensions? there are a couple of options available.
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    Westfalia Vanagon Question

    Have you got some pics of the scissor lift? My feet are going to hit the roof if i lay on my back...... wonder if those hinges will clear the roof on the front?
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    Westfalia Vanagon Question

    I have a feeling we should compare notes. I am planning a reverse X-panda cab on my 88" lla
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    What's the deal with the Freelander?

    They make wonderful kindling!!!:Wow1:
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    Heating a Wildernest/Flip-pac

    "My character shouldn't be defined by the toys in my signature line on an internet forum." Now I feel guilty about my signature Thx.
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    Heating a Wildernest/Flip-pac

    I have been thinking about a micro airtight wood burner, crazy maybe but my mind does tend to wander to these obscure notions....perhaps I am nostalgic about the smell of burning cottage splitting wood etc. If you can make it safe!!! That is the question.
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    About to take the plunge - 2001 Range Rover

    Spoken like an early p38 owner, note I recommend the later Bosch engined variant but your mileage may vary. Quality was not great until BMW fired most of the engineers on the project I hear. They are of course a fairly complicated car, but not so complicated that a good DIY mechanic can't cope...
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    About to take the plunge - 2001 Range Rover

    Hi I mostly lurk on this forum but this thread deserved a reply, I would suggest a late 1999 or newer p38 that has been well serviced is reliable, much more reliable than the 1997 disco I owned previously. in over 100k of driving over the last three years I have never been stranded, the check...
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    Range Rover Classic - Educate Me

    It's been said before but I agree you either love them or you hate them, I loved my D1 and have friends who love their RRC's and I have friends who swear at both as well. I now drive a P38 who's reputation if awful, but its been great and I would take it anywhere without hesitation. Having said...
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    Pop Tops and Kitchen height

    TeriAnn, Thanks for the detail and thought you put into your reply, it sure helps to get feedback from someone who has been there and done that. I am gearing up for a convertible type of kitchen in that the cooker/sink unit will be removable for use outside of the vehicle and also be...
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    Let's see your Series Land Rover

    A couple of shots of my once series 3 now series 2a.....well at least it looks like a 2a ;-)
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    Pop Tops and Kitchen height

    Hi James, Thanks for the reply. To be honest I am leaning toward that option, can you tell me what the height is from the rear floor on a Dormobile to the counter top?