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    Nuthouse Peanut trailers

    As I'm exploring trailers, the Nuthouse Peanut keeps coming back around as the overall design and functionality I want. There isn't much info here and what I can find is pretty old. Does anyone here own one or have experience with them?
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    Review of the Freespirit Recreation High Country Tri-Layer Roof Top Tent

    I saw the tri-layer setup in the sun on hot pavement a few weeks ago. If you kept the tent zipped up it was cooler inside than outside in the sun. Great review, I'm sold.
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    Trailer access doors

    First post. I am in the read a lot, research and getting ready to build a trailer phase. My trailer will have a 4 x 6 enclosed tub, full swing out tailgate with table, 35 gallon fresh water tank installed low between the frame rails, Timron axles, and a extendable roof rack for the RTT. Along...