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    Post Van Parts For Sale Here please

    Sold local to a guy doing a motovan build!
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    Baker Garage Denver van build thread!

    Nice job on the doors. What did you use to secure the panels. The panels in mine were put in place by a conversion company and just screwed into metal. Not sure if this is the way I want to go. I know some do rivnuts into the OEM locations.
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    Post Van Parts For Sale Here please

    Free Battery Box, come get it before it goes to the scrap bin! In 17562
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    Post Van Parts For Sale Here please

    Van bench seat. Folds down almost flat. It also slides back and forth. Clean, no rips, no stains but one tiny dot on the front skirt. I have seat belts that can go with it. $200 or trade for ford van stuff.
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    Post 08 I-Beam/control arm upgrade

    What all comes with the take-offs? Just contacted Quigley and they have some available. Most of my suspension is PA rusted. I am nearby and use to work right near Quigley.
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    Post Van Parts For Sale Here please

    Wheelchair lift. Great for motovan build or ????? Works great, 2003 Ricon. Asking $200 obo or trade for other van stuff for my E250. Located in Lancaster PA
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    Looking to upgrade your pre-08 E-series to composite headlights?

    Did you ever do your swap? I am thinking about the same thing since it is cheaper to get LED lights and like the more blacked out look.
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    2012 Chevy AWD Family Adventure Van

    Great build! I have been wanting to do the same thing with a conversion van for the high roof, but don't like the lower body kits. Nice to know what I would be getting into if I want to remove.