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    Death Valley Weekend - Nov 8-10 - 2013

    Great write up. Thanks for memorializing the trip and sharing.
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    Mojave Road and Death Valley NP March, 2011 ExPo trip report...

    Thanks for sharing, great report. looks like a great trip.
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    Camping with Firearm-Post Bear Mauling

    I agree that you as the victim may not have much of a chance to use your gun, spray or (per the video) taser, but what about going to the aid of another under attack. It would feel pretty helpless to watch one of your mates get mauled and not have any means to help. I MTB in a area where a Mt...
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    How big of a knife?

    Thanks for the Info. I will just stick with my 3" EDC and use the big knives in the kitchen. Never realized how uptight the laws are over knives. What about a pointed stick? j/k
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    How big of a knife?

    I believe in Calif, a concealed knife's blade can't be bigger than 3"? i.e. folding EDC. I am curious on the size of a knife one can carry exposed; sheathed on a belt, webbing or lashed to a pack, in the field (Nat, State Parks, BLM etc). Can one lash a machete to the outside of a backpack? Can...
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    No more Toyotas

    Another factor I didn't see anyone mention, at least regarding the CHP Lexus fatal crash, was that the vehicle had "push button" starting; no ignition key. I read that if the vehicle is being driven, the button must be pressed and held for several seconds before it will turn off the engine. It...
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    I Like Guns

    "If they're shooting at me, I'm gonna shoot back" I like. It reminds me(in title only), of the "I like guns" song, that I was a big fan of back in 1986. It is from an OC Punk band; D.I. Its a bit "edgier" for the "rebellious adventurer" (remember, in the 80's OC was "Reagan...
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    San Diego East County Run....In Honor of Agent Rosas

    I'm interested. My sister lives in Alpine & I will be heading down there this weekend. I see you plan on heading out Sat morning, but how long, time & distance are you planning on. No camping for me.
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    Jerry cans For NATO cans see They were out of stock for a while but apparently they have more. They have gas & water, in their Sept 2009 catalog. $59.95 each. I have 2 and lay them flat on the roof rack with no leaking.