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    SLO's NoBo 16.6

    Yeah, just got back from three weeks rambling around upper East Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia, Ohio, and the Mammoth Cave area of Western Kentucky. Enjoy yours! I'll check out the other thread - I-beams and C-channels don't inspire any confidence in me, so your solution could be what I'm...
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    GMT900 Overland build anyone?

    Hey, it's not a rock crawler, but if you want to travel and travel off-road to most of the places a big vehicle will fit, the GMT900 is seriously capable with just a few mods. I bought my 2011 Suburban with 231k on the odometer, I just got back from our second lengthy trip this year with 262k on...
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    SLO's NoBo 16.6

    Like where your headed and will be stealing ideas for our 1706FB Winnebago, though I've upgraded to 30 lb propane tanks and added some of those adjustable aluminum stairs at the door. Copying, flattery, etc... Bigger battery is next. What kind of frame do you have under this? I've been chewing...
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    Winnebago Micro Minnie?

    Just now logged on after a while. Sorry I didn't see this sooner. We've owned a 2019 1706FB Micro Minnie since March 2020 and have had no issues driving slowly over NFS and similar roads in our travels or going up on the Tellico watershed in eastern TN for some camping and trout fishing (North...
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    West Texas Wanderings 2022

    Great trip! Matches ours very closely in the same time frame; we spent Christmas in Dallas with our daughter and son-in-law, then headed out to San Angelo for a night before getting into Terlingua the second night. CGs were pretty much reserved for months back for the week between Christmas and...
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    Lets see some full size pictures...

    Old guy with a Suburban.
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    2012 Suburban 1500 LTZ 5.3 LMG (I think) motor swap or.... >:) ?

    Be interested in your thinking. Bought a 2011 LTZ with the HD trailer package with 230k on it. I'm in for about $15k total with $5 - 6K in parts and labor - huge new all aluminum radiator, large transmission oil cooler, Z71 springs, Air-Lift 1000 bags, and Bilstein 5100s all around to replace...
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    2003 Suburban project

    LTZ is a badge behind the back doors on the sides of my 2011. That's all. It's not in the codes and I don't know what the interior doodads which go into the "LTZ" package are, Dan. But they've got nothing to do with anything that matters, except possibly, to the wife...
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    2003 Suburban project

    Well just... damn. Learned something new - thanks for that! I figured it was as much marketing as options, but that's pretty sad, even considering the 2500 is beefier.
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    2003 Suburban project

    LTZ is just a marketing badge denoting the most luxurious of the variants. Fancier-schmancier than an LT, which is fancier than an LS, in other words. The Z71 nomenclature, however, refers to Chevy's "off-road" suspension package, whether it be on a Suburban, Tahoe, Silverado, or Colorado. The...
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    2003 Suburban project

    Hi Dan, Didn't even bother with the front keys on my 2011 4WD LTZ. Bilstein 5100s all around, using the second mounting point from the bottom on the front shocks and Z71-spec (1250 lb) rear coils direct from Moog in the rear to get rid of that godawful money-eating air-ride rear suspension. Two...
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    Something Completely Different : BC 2020

    Thanks for this story! First thread I've subscribed to here. Love the writing and sense of humor. It's great to see a fun trip well documented - especially as it's about the experience, not the rig.
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    GMT900 Suburban/Yukon XLs today

    Your right. Tires that I bought the truck with should have been 0.6" difference over the stock 275/55-20 size. The tires I put on the truck were actually 0.4 less than what i took off of it. Thanks! Just FYI, here's the actual specs on all tire sizes. From Tire Rack's website, General Grabber...
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    GMT900 Suburban/Yukon XLs today

    Hi Marcus, Just a data point for you: a quick photo of the Burb with the Bilsteins and HD rear springs as described in my first comment to you. The new tires are 275/65-18s (32.1" diameter) on some 18" takeoffs from a Silverado. Interestingly, the tires on the truck when I bought it were...
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    GMT900 Suburban/Yukon XLs today

    Hi Marcus, Not sure how much help this may be but I'm in the process of getting a 5.3L 4WD 2011 Suburban LTZ ready for some off-road travels. Bought it two months ago with 231,000 miles on it, a slow leak from the radiator, and a blown air ride suspension. Moog HD rear springs and Bilstein...