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    Proline bumpers - beware

    Did you used to have a Trooper? :) [edit] never mind, I see it in your sig. Howdy, long time!
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    Budget overland vehicle advice

    I could be wrong but it doesn't seem like any of the mid-size trucks come with both 6' beds and crew cabs. It's all a question of compromises, which are you willing to make? The first gen Sequoias are big but a bit smaller than full size pickups, and you could probably sleep inside one.
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    Overland Expo 2020....Loveland, Colorado...Yeah!

    Just think of all the Subarus that will be there... And Iowa would work for me (I'm in Minnesota)! At least Loveland is one (very long) day drive, so that is an improvement over Scottsdale.
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    Bugeye's GX460 Build

    No, group 31 is a size.
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    Polymer step stool options?

    There seems to be a lot of different makers of very similar stepstools. I have used mine without issue and I am over #300. The one I linked isn't the actual one I bought, so I went back in my Amazon orders and found it...
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    Polymer step stool options?

    I have one of these folding plastic step stools to assist my elderly mother getting into my rig. It is surprisingly sturdy and folds flat. I keep it under the passenger seat for mom. They make taller versions too...
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    My plug for Odyssey batteries...TEN YEARS of reliable service

    Nice. I have a single Odyssey 34 in my FJ, it runs a fridge and CPAP and everything overnight, and starts the vehicle with no hint of depletion in the morning.
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    2004 Sequoia (Project Baby Panda) - Adventure and Build Page

    Doesn't the Dirty Parts voltage booster work on these (I really don't know, but they aren't that different are they)? I have one on my FJC and it jumped the charge voltage to 14.77, perfect for the Odyssey battery I have.
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    signal impacts due to antenna locations and relation to other antennas

    Don't forget about trees. Not to be a killjoy over all this lovely tech talk, but if you ever bushwack down a half-overgrown logging trail those pretty roof antennas will be toast. Or maybe you don't, in which case carry on. :)
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    Stainless steel and Prop 65

    That is literally true, due to the asbestos-bearing bedrock. And the thousands of miles of gravel road made from it.
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    Chairs for men of substantial dimensions?

    The Alps chair listed above is good and very strong, but for comfort I prefer the Kijaro Dual Lock XXL The seat is flatter (doesn't "bite"...
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    New ARB Fridge bad bad bad,

    Gray decor is in right now. I have seen entire home interiors done in various shades of gray. I think it looks cold and bleak, but no worries, I can wait the fashion cycle out.
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    Battery charging for dummies

    It was in one of the Amazon reviews, so I wasn't going to state it as fact. Take it for what it is worth, this is the internet after all.
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    Battery charging for dummies

    Regarding warranty, I heard that NOCO makes you send a check to cover the alleged costs of any upgrades the new models have received when they replace your old one. Not sure how I feel about that. Of course, I heard it isn't easy to get a warranty replacement from CTEK either.