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    Southern California dispersed camping suggestions

    Might want to move this to the planning section... this is the after-trail report section. :)
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    Need HAM radio for upcoming ROF trip. Need Ideas.

    For simple trail comms I recommend one of the 2-meter mil-spec ruggedized radios like a Yaesu 1900/2900 or Kenwood 281 or similar. No fan to draw in trail dust, and relatively simple to operate (by ham standards).
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    The Trans Wisconsin Adventure Trail

    Wisconsin wouldn't close it's bars for the apocalypse, let alone COVID.
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    Dual Battery Question

    If you are just running a day or two I'm not sure dual batteries are worth the cost and weight and complexity. My Odyssey grp 34 runs my Engel fine for a day, can't even tell it is run down at all. You can always carry a little lithium jump starter as backup.
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    What accessories requiring a 12v socket do you actually use?

    I run a fridge and a CPAP on the 12V outlets. I have a couple of USB outlets in a factory switch blank location too. Plus a plug in USB converter if needed, but I rarely need it unless I have a passenger.
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    Radio Comms - Multiple Sources (Beginner wanting to learn and get started)

    My club uses ham, so that is what I have permanently mounting in my dash. If I need CB for an event or group that requires CB I throw in a Midland 75-822 with a mag mount antenna. I don't have GMRS but if I had a club or group looking to improve on CB for trail comms I would push for GMRS these...
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    Diesel vs Gasoline

    One problem with gas engines has been the hunt for horsepower (mostly for marketing purposes) has hurt the low-end torque. When Chevy switched from the good ol' tree-fitty (5.7L) to the 5.3L, hp went way up but it was actually a worse motor for towing as the torque wasn't any better, and worse...
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    Is the TX4x4 club the last to use Citizens Band?

    In truth I would say most of our club members (myself included) only use ham radio as a tool for trail comms, not as a hobby. That's why the new GMRS rigs would work just as well for our purposes.
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    Gas can kill.

    Hey, no fair trying to bring facts into the discussion...
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    Is the TX4x4 club the last to use Citizens Band?

    Our club switched from CB to ham about 5 years ago. CB range was inadequate when our convoy got spread out. If we had to do it again I would lobby for GMRS since they are now widely available and simple as CB to use but much more effective. I have a 2M ham mounted permanently in the rig, when...
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    Inexpensive vs. Expensive Winch

    You may not ever need it... but if you DO need it, you REALLY want it to work.
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    Diesel vs Gasoline

    Lift, in and of itself, doesn't impact mpg much. All it does is add a little aerodynamic drag underneath, with a barely noticeable impact on mpg. I speak from experience, as I lifted my FJC 2.5" without changing tire size. Bigger tires are a whole 'nother story, which is why I didn't change...
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    Simple, portable solar setup?

    Heh, well the word "flexible" doesn't appear anywhere in the ad... but they also don't have rigid frames so I suppose they must be at least somewhat flexible. Can "monocrystalline" solar cells be flexible? It has been a lot of years since my crystallography class but I don't remember...
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    Simple, portable solar setup?

    Yeah, the ones I am looking at are foldable, not flexible.
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    Simple, portable solar setup?

    Some solar 101 questions: I am looking at foldable 100W solar, like this one to charge the 12V AGM battery (maybe lithium someday) in my camper. The solar panel lists 18V 5.8 amp max...