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what is overlanding

What is Overlanding? :: Podcast #18

The Overland Journal Podcast #18 Principles of Overlanding :: What is Overlanding? Summary: For this Principles of Overlanding, Scott and Matt discuss the history of the term “overland,” and how to properly define it within the context of experience, with input from a large quorum of other overland travelers. They also pose a series of…

Living Legend :: Lois Pryce

Smitten with life, UK adventuress Lois Pryce has always been on the move. At 13 years of age, an unchaperoned, week-long trip on bicycles through Cornwall’s back roads with friends introduced her to the possibilities of travel by design. And also to the idea of minimalist travel, taking shelter where you can find it, and…

Podcast #16 :: Rooftop Tent or Ground Tent or Wedge Camper for Overlanding?

The Overland Journal Podcast #16 Principles of Overlanding :: RTT vs. Ground Tent vs. Swag vs. Habitat vs. Sleeping in the vehicle Summary: For this Principles of Overlanding podcast, Matt and Scott discuss the best sleeping solutions for an overland camp. They review the options of a Rooftop Tent (RTT) vs. a Ground Tent vs….

Rev’it Women’s Fullseason Riding Suit

One challenge I had as I prepped for a round-the-world motorcycle trip was deciding what riding suit to wear. Two suits—one for hot weather, one for cold—would have been ideal but was cost and space prohibitive. I liked the Rev’it options and bought the Sand jacket (the current model is called the Sand Urban jacket)…

The Best Coffee Grinders for Camping

Using a manual coffee grinder as part of your morning java ritual not only gets the blood pumping, it also promotes conversation and fuels campsite camaraderie. Forget noisy electric grinders requiring an inverter, or lowering the bar completely and milling those beans at home before the trip. If you’re a discerning overland javascenti, interested in…

Deep Ozarks

White caps, like the peaks on my great-grandmother’s meringue, fill the road ahead. The waters are high and raging at a usually benign stream crossing deep in the Ozarks. It is late April and a wet and stormy spring in Arkansas. We had another downpour last night, the rain is still falling, and we’re in…