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I am very interested in purchasing both the Tundra and the camper as a package. Is the engine the 4.6L or the 5.7L. I live in central NC, Uwharrie National Forest. Any chance you are passing through this way on your way to DC? I don't mind driving up there but if you are traveling through that would save me a trip. I hate city's.


It's a 5.7L V8. Unfortunately, I'm not passing through NC. Currently in Virginia just outside of DC.

Hello Foster,
My name is Clint. I was searching for any info on Bimobil campers and an old add came up for a Ford truck with Bimobil camper. I am assuming that it was your rig?
If it was your set up, I was hoping you could answer a few questions.
I will wait to see if this makes it to you before I ask a bunch of questions.
If you want to advertise to a more focused market, check out “UsedFourWheelCampers”.

For only $ 50.00 he will post your camper for sale, with ad details and pictures to both of his sites (approx.. 5000 followers).

E-mail: UsedFWC@gmail.com
Thanks, Stan. I do have my camper posted with that group.
Will Bilstein 6112 work on the front of an 06 limited sequoia with the air bag leveling system on the back. Want to level up the front about an inch to inch 1/2
Hey man,

Saw you around here. You got any stuff that fits my '02 Monty Limited?

I'm particularly looking for bumpers (front and rear), skid plates, rock sliders.