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Cause the beautiful thing about going alone is that every win is yours,
every consequence of every mistake is yours ,
everything that you have to figure out is on you.

That’s a really powerful experience.

And it is beautiful
and positive
and exciting
and sometimes its negative
and hard and lonely.
I want that......
I welcome that.....
Hello, I’m not that familiar with this site. I put a message on the vehicle thread as well. It appears you may be in my general neck of the woods based upon your description of travel plans. I’m in Western Wyoming near the Idaho border looking at the Tetons as we speak. Very Interested in inspecting your van toward the intent of acquiring it.
Hello, just wanted to express interest in your 2001 Montero if you are still looking to sell. If so, Id like to ask some general questions about it over the phone or via PM, whichever you prefer. Thanks!