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Who runs full size overlander rigs, and whos interested in traveling to Hott springs, Porst Aransas, Big Bend, Carls Bad Caverns, Pala Vera canyon?
Hey there, just saying hi. Been a while since I bought that spare tire carrier from you for my 80 (which I sold a while back).

Did you ever finish college?

Knowing you're also a mountain biker, I picked up a 2018 Trek Remedy 8 last week - love it!

Take care man....

Summit Cruisers Jr
Summit Cruisers Jr
Hey Todd,

Getting there with school. Finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel! Looks like the power and comfort bug got you. Those GX’s are pretty nice! I just bought a 1st gen 4runner so now when I drive my 80, I feel like I’m in a new Lexus haha.

The trek remedy is a sick bike! Amazing what they can handle. Ride safe!