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The EC can be viewed at the Land Cruiser Heritage Museum (470 West 600 South, SLC, UT) tomorrow morning (9/29). Please contact my assistant, Mrs. Tobie Warner, at 435-840-8305 to arrange details if you're interested. Thanks.

brian ehman
Thanks, I will give her a call. What is the price?
brian ehman
I'm very interested in your EC, what are you asking for it?
I've been sternly warned my language is unacceptable, but I'm not sure what language that is because they edited all the posts, must be really terribly offensive or something.. so I'm not posting anymo, so long and thanks for all the fish.
Hi Paul,
We should be picking up the new made gears any time soon (they were getting heat treated a week or so ago) and I will be fitting up two of the sets here at home straight away.
The forum posts tell you all. They are fitted into the transfer case instead of the original gears. If there is something in there that you don't understand I'm more than willing to talk to you if you give me your phone number.

I am just starting conversion of my 2006 Vandurra turtle top and had a battery question.I noticed you moved your aux. battery from under the stairs.I havent got around to mess with this but assume there is wiring from the alternator to keep it charged. Did you extend this to its new position? leave it off? Or is my assumption of the alternator lead just wrong to begin with?
Thank you,Brian