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You closed the conversation you started with me so I couldn't reply. I am certain someone from GXV could pick you up but it's also very close to the airport so you could take a car. I kind of need the truck soon - between Sunday and Tuesday - so you'd have to do this soon.
Bart Miller
Harry, after looking at a lot of the logistics I don’t see it being possible for me to get that unit to you by Tuesday. With traveling out to the manufacture and then driving this vehicle to Vegas .
Hi there. I just joined on here and posted on the thread "barn doors vs. sliders" I would have a few questions for you if you have time. I appreciate it very much. Chad
Hi there. I just joined on here. Posted on the "barn doors vs. sliders" thread. I would certainly like to talk with you and figure out some options for my van. I would appreciate it very much. Thanks, Chad