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check out the BJ40 I just listed. Fly down next week and you could be back in the PNW in about 2 weeks. Although with more time you could have a lot more fun
Hi! I've been following along the spacekap builds here, and had been meaning to reach out to you with some questions for my own... Picking up where you left off might be a better approach!
1. what's the weight with your current build additions?
2. how did you go about the chimney cut and installation?
Many thanks for any additional info.
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3. did you buy the dickinson new? what's the history of your other components?
4. are you able to store the camper on the jacks, or would you recommend only using those for on/off transfers?
5. what did you learn about ski storage options? planning to keep gear under the right-side bench, or did you consider anything mounted outside?
6. what the length of the bench?
Last note for today -- I'm unfortunately located out East, but do have a good friend in Nevada who unemployed and owes me a visit, so I'll start convincing him to be my currier. If you have any leads on F-150s nearby, good chance I'd be buying a truck for his trip as well...
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