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Hello Pete, nice Jeep, what kind of MPG can you get with that Hemi? I am interested but you are a long way away. I live in Garden City, Kansas. Thanks, Dwight
15 to 18. Kansas is not that far. I may be heading to denver soon.
Thanks for the advice and doing your part for our country. I never served in the military, but I think if I had I would have retired there. I've seen my share of death and destruction and lost friends in the line of service. I've been lucky, but always say more lucky than good. Thanks again for the service and advice. I wish you well recovering.
We each have our place brother. Sometimes I regret leaving the Department, but I also realize it was my time there that prepared me for the service. You let me know if you ever need anything. Stay safe and keep updating your build, there is quite a large RAM following on here.