Zone RV Expedition trailer


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I have not found much info on this but it looks great and unlike anything we have in the US today.
I would say the TetonX hybrid is close but not nearly as refined, with less features. A well specced Hybrid comes at 30-35K (edit: more than that apparently) and this comes at 51K AUD (34K USD) better loaded.

I contacted them in hope that there is a distributor in the US but it sounds like not. A comment from them in the Youtube vid from 1y ago says "we hope to have it soon in the US". I will report back if they reply. Does anyone have more info?

Here is a video of the model:
It exists in 10ft and 12, I am more interested in the 10.
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We will be looking at them in July at Expo West, it's between them, tetonx and Mission overland for us. Ill try to post more info after the show,


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So do you know if we can buy them in the US now if yes how?
I have yet to receive a reply from the company.


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I talked to them about six months ago and they said they would be at expo with five trailers to show/sell, they were in the process of getting a US rep/company for sales. hope that is still the plan.


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Last email they were making so many for Australia buyers that they were loosing interest in the US market. I would look at other options.


They are coming out with second version of the expedition trailer, and I am fairly certain they have plans of expanding into US market. But planning is one thing and execution is another.

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