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Hey all, been years since my last post here. But I've been creeping and reading ALOT!

Well I'm getting set to start into my 97' ZJ Overland build aka: Project Redemption
I'm no stranger to Jeeps. (17 -XJs, 3-Zjs, 1-YJ, 1-JKU and 1-JK Rubicon totaled out 2 months back). I've built crawlers, trail rigs, DDs but never took my own advise and did up a tried and true Trail worthy Overland rig. Till now.

My goal, Great DD, long distance traveler, trail rig, "toad" (Yes we're building a BUS to to full time around the Country).

My base is a '97 ZJ, 4.0L (162,000 original miles) 242 T-case

Tires I've been looking at are either 31x10.5R15s or 33x10.5R15s

So I need some inspiration, bring them on ZJ pics that is. Please list specs with pics...


98 ZJ 4.0, auto, 242 transfer case. Iron Rock (IRO) 3.5" lift (factory front springs moved to rear with new IRO 3.5" springs up front, IRO front LCAs, IRO front adjustable track bar), 31" tires on factory rims, Bilstein 5100 shocks, a real Dana 44 from ECGS (NOT a 44A) rear, Dana 30 front with 4.10 gears and True Tracks front and rear. RC winch mount (highly recommend this winch mount - cheap and stout) with a Superwinch 9500lb winch.
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rnArmy, very nice looking milder ZJ build..

Hi Nick.. been a long time. You remember my latest XJ, then I went to the ZJ platform and now own my 4th. I own all model GC and the ZJ is my favorite, spent better than a year looking for the right 5.9L but found this that I couldn't pass on. I wanted a V8 to pull the camper project.

94 Limited with 5.2L, one family owned originally from Florida. 84K miles needing a little love, and a few modifications just to make things more comfortable. No more longarm lifts, snorkels and the like for me.. time to simplify my needs.

Took ZJ and my camper project out a few times this year, more work to both are planned prior to a western trip this fall.

Hope all is well with you and family.. 00W0W_cmpPQRpr6IT_600x450.jpg20190831_121233Danslift.jpg




Nice looker rnArmy.
Thanks! We were happy with how it turned out.

It also works well. The 4.10 gears and True-tracs front and rear almost make it unstoppable (we're not talking hard-core off-roading), and you don't notice them in the axles when driving on pavement. And the 4.0 six-cylinder was more than adequate pulling the little trailer up-and-down the mountains.

A rear bumper with a swing-away spare tire and jerry can holder would be nice if we were doing a really long extended trip. But we won't be buying one anytime soon.
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