YouTube channel roll call


BlackdogGS is my channel. I do mostly motorcycle travel videos. I've been from Prudhoe Bay to Ushuaia Argentina. This is part I of my last trip.



Here is our channel. It is a little different from a lot of "overlanding" channels, but we are living on the road full-time.



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I have had my travel channel now for 3 years and about 350 videos, but just started doing some more serious overlanding/4wheeling. I Replaced my Exploder with a 4Runner and plan on doing some good build videos and mods to my Aliner Trailer to turn it into an expedition trailer. I'm hoping I don't loose too many subscribers as I go "Muddy".
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I have been watching a lot of different Aussie’s stuff recently especially Patriot Campers and their Patriot Games series, it makes me think there should be some kind of overland exchange programs. The Aussies can drive our Wranglers and Ram Power Wagons and we can drive their Landcruisers and Land Rovers. Good times will be had by all!


Mine is mostly based around LS engine swaps, but I have started turning my 2500HD into a light duty overland rig with an M101 bed swap and stuff.